100 Push-ups Challenge: Week 2 or something

First, confession: I’ve really confused myself on where I’m supposed to be in the official challenge. I should have just gone and done Week 1 over again but I just did Day 1 at some point last week, and then some random push-uping at another point.. My kickboxing class is confusing me a bit because sometimes we do push-ups then and sometimes we don’t. And of course we don’t follow the Challenge workout exactly so do I go and do the challenge later? Or count those? I figure as long as I’m making progress I will just sort of wing it and chug along.

Which brings me to… progress!! I have no idea how well I would have done with a Week 2 Day 1 workout this morning, but in kickboxing class today I did 10 push-ups! In a row! The final push-up was reallyyyy hard and a bit slow/sloppy but whatever. I’m counting it. Wooooop another Day Zero item, checked off! I’m excited. So excited I Painted this totally new drawing.. Definitely didn’t just change a few small details of a drawing I’d done before…….

Now to go and actually, umm, finish thinking up my 101 goals.

I’m really excited to hear from a bunch of you about starting the challenge, and making progress. How are you all doing this week?

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3 Responses to 100 Push-ups Challenge: Week 2 or something

  1. Jenn says:

    I have started to incorporate the extra days I need into my bridal bootcamp lunch workouts. After we were done with the sets yesterday, my friend and I could barely lift our arms. Trying to get undressed last night was painful.

    We’ll see how I do today – week 3. yay?

    • d-day says:

      that’s awesome! buuut they do recommend you take a rest day between pushup workouts. If you just did a pretty intense one yesterday, maybe we shouldn’t start Week 3 tonight? We can do other stuff, maybe circuits on the workout props in the park, or some work with weights. speaking of tonight, what is your threshold for heat and humidity? it’s supposed to be another scorcher, in the high 90s. I don’t want anyone getting heat stroke.. I will email you!

  2. Zan says:

    I feel like you should be getting paid for your amazing computer painting skills. I also am excited for the day when you DO start getting paid for your amazing computer painting skills because I have an original work, from your early “pizazz period” saved on my desktop. WINNER = ME

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