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recipe: flourless peanut butter cookies

Yep, food again. But this is glorifying what I can eat instead of whining. Progress! :) I adapted this from a recipe I found SOMEwhere. Sorry cannot remember the series of links I followed to find this, no credit for … Continue reading

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something not food related

Ok every time I’ve been tempted to post something to my blog this week, it’s been about food. The weird food I’m eating in an attempt to avoid gluten and dairy, or the food I’m lusting after that I can … Continue reading

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bad news bears ( mathau..)

Every once in a while I have what I like to refer to as butt problems. Before you run screaming from what is sure to be a hugely TMI post, that is as graphic as it’s going to get (you … Continue reading

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sometimes work is ok

My job is basically to get people to not drive alone to work. We promote biking, walking, transit, carpooling, etc. Today we got to go out on an organized group ride, full of VIP county people, biking advocacy group leaders, … Continue reading

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well past time for pumpkin soup

This is coming a little bit later in the season than I thought it would, since I am usually craving this soup (and pumpkin pancakes!) on the very first day of Fall, if not before. I was craving these things … Continue reading

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way late to this bandwagon: pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest I finally joined pinterest a week or two ago (forgive me, I cannot figure out how to make this paragraph start anywhere but awkwardly mid-line after the photo source. html and I are not … Continue reading

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crisp vs. cobbler

Until last Sunday, I had no idea what the difference was between apple crisp and apple cobbler. Every time I mention this, before I go ahead and explain the difference, people go “cobbler’s the doughy one right, crisp has the … Continue reading

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things that make you go hmm..

Sometimes I see or hear or experience something and I have this weird urge to share it with Everyone in the World. Of course I could send out a tweet or post it to facebook, but then it just gets … Continue reading

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it’s a brady-versary!

Well helloooo. Nothing like an excuse to post a zillion photos of my dog to get me motivated to get back to my blog. :) One year ago today, we went to an adoption event at PetMAC, not expecting to … Continue reading

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