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my epic bike commuting adventure

I guess it’s obvious by now that I survived my bike commute last Thursday. It was dead hot, and the hills of Arlington nearly killed me, but I did survive. Here’s proof! After seven miles of mostly easy downhill trail … Continue reading

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happy memorial day

This morning we got to watch the most adorable parade down the street in front of my in-laws’ house – kids on bikes! and in strollers. with dogs, and streamers! Until a few years ago, we got to watch an … Continue reading

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this is dangerousss

My blackberry I had for work went on the frogs, and instead of just fixing it, they got me an Android! I’ve become a bit annoying already, with the picture taking and angry birds playing… Ha! Hello auto correct. In … Continue reading

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if I never post again..’s probably because I’m lazy. OR I’ve died on the bike commute I’m about to undertake. It’s 11 miles home from here, I’ve done it before but not in a long time! Also it’s 90 degrees outside. I’ll try to … Continue reading

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maybe this is only funny to me

..but I almost fell out of my chair when I got this email from Zach. i kinda wish brady could tweet.   BmanPorizzle: barked at dood. FTW BmanPorizzle: someone p’d on flor lmao  

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recipe: oatmeal bread

So where do you stand on bread making? I’m very anti-machine for the whole process. Bread machines make tasty bread for sure, but for me, they just take away the whole point of making bread. I am just not excited … Continue reading

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would you think I was totally bonkers…

..if I showed up to your summer wedding or garden party* wearing something like this? I think the pink is maybe a bit too bright for my complexion.. Maybe it’s a bit costumey? Maybe I will get it and wear … Continue reading

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