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in sickness

In case anyone was wondering, husbands are really nice to have around. They take that whole “in sickness” vow pretty seriously I guess (even though ok we didn’t do traditional vows and that line wasn’t actually said during our wedding, … Continue reading

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fun with paint

so I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite pastimes. here is a picture of cats.   here is a better picture of cats. here is an even better picture. of cats. disregard the fact that the black … Continue reading

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Kind of funny how last week I insisted that I still need this space. And then I quit talking immediately. I think my week away threw off my rhythm, I’ve had nothing to say! Which is pretty weird in itself. … Continue reading

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je suis ici.

So. I’m back! Last week was very strange for me. I think a week was too long and not long enough. I basically replaced my obsession with social media, with tracking my food intake like a maniac. which. partially a … Continue reading

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desperate times: a recipe for renewed vigor

So I’m thinking of doing something drastic you guys. I’m thinking about… I can’t even say it without my brain exploding… Unplugging for a week. Not entirely because I have to work, but no gmail*, no twitter, no *gasp* APW, … Continue reading

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valentines day: what it is

I have always been sort of confused in my brain about how I feel about Valentine‚Äôs Day. As a kid I loved making big heart envelopes out of construction paper, to hold all the be-my-valentine notes we all had to … Continue reading

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good news everyone!

ok I really don’t want to make this a blog about my dog. but we’re just so excited today. he had a check-up and he is cleared for TOYS and normal FOOD. no more eating gooey mush. no more chewing … Continue reading

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