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(not my) recipe: baked french toast

Last Friday I had the great joy of having all four of my wisdom teeth forcibly removed from my face. Since I opted for just local anesthesia, I got to be awake for the whole thing and hear the grinding … Continue reading

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the jane eyre challenge

So you may not know this about me, but Jane Eyre is my favorite book…. ever. I’ve read it a billion times and it totally got me through my teenage years. Now there’s a movie out and I’m pretty excited … Continue reading

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etsy love series: weddingy things

So I already told you guys about all my etsy wedding vendors. Today and possibly on a regular basis, I’m showing you some things I still lust after and really want someone else to buy. the bridesmaid gifts. “In Touch … Continue reading

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year two, day one

One thing pretty much sums up the joyful day we had yesterday. Goat cheese flan. I almost want to illustrate in Paint how much we loved that stuff. When I took a bite, my eyes flew wide with delight and … Continue reading

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For Japan With Love

mmk here’s the details everyone. this tiny little corner of the internets will be going quiet tomorrow in a Day of Silence for Japan. If you are able to and inclined, please donate via this link. <3

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ok almost done

I’m back with more gratuitous oversharing today. But you guys just have to see the amazing that is zach’s Paint skillz. and then I’ll be done because tomorrow I’m joining Jo and Lizzie/Isaiah and lots of others and going quiet … Continue reading

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bad paint romance

I don’t know how I managed to get my mushy feelings across in 2007, can’t find any Paint drawings from back then. I think we used to write each other a lot more notes on real paper. For some reason … Continue reading

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anniversary week!

So, since our anniversary is coming up, I think I might just be nauseating this week leading up to it, and share some things about how we met and got together and whatnot. Oh don’t worry, I’m not going to … Continue reading

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bracket tyme

I swear I’m going to have content this week. But before that goes up, just wanted to chime in really fast to alert you to a March Madness bracket pool being put together by Kerry of fancy notion. Proceeds are … Continue reading

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my family. working from home one day per week really saves me.

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