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So I had a post pretty much ready to go and then realized I didn’t have access to any of the photos I wanted to put in it. So. An aside. Last night Zach and I did something wild and … Continue reading

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home again home again, jiggity jig*

Brady and I are both still a bit in recovery from our adventure. We got home Tuesday night, and I think he’s getting the idea that we’re home for good again and he can settle back in. Thankfully he does … Continue reading

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adventure time!

Alright y’all. Maine is calling! Tomorrow I head out on my big adventure, just me and the dog and the open road.. And then camping for 3 days with family.. and then the open road part again. Hopefully with some … Continue reading

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100 Push-ups Challenge: Week 2 or something

First, confession: I’ve really confused myself on where I’m supposed to be in the official challenge. I should have just gone and done Week 1 over again but I just did Day 1 at some point last week, and then … Continue reading

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recipe: petits fours faciles

In honor of Bastille Day, my friend Elizabeth hosted a tres frenchy brunch this past weekend. Beaucoup de crepes pour tout le monde! I tried making a shirt for Brady, using glitter glue on an old t-shirt.. it stayed on … Continue reading

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to get seduced by a cat you must get up very early in the morning

I had to get to work early this morning for a pre-hours meeting of our advisory committee. Walking to the metro at 6:15am, pumping some Ra Ra Riot through my ear buds, the last thing I expected was to be … Continue reading

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If it wasn’t obvious already, I am very much in the category of people who elevate the Writing of to-do lists over actually checking things off. I mean I love checking things off hello. But faced with a list of … Continue reading

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100 Push-ups Challenge: Week 1.2

Last week I was so super excited about this challenge. I was able to complete Day 1! That was amazing! I’m going to rock this! And then it umm, got really hard? I finished Day 2 ok, not quite as … Continue reading

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my hands are tied

If I hadn’t already established this blog as a Mom Birthdays ONLY blog, I would use this post to wish Zach a happy birthday, and tell him how awesome he is. But, he’s not a mom, so… sorry man. Thanks … Continue reading

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my lovely students (kapow!)

So, as I mentioned, I’ve started pseudo*-instructing a kickboxing class for Jenn and her fiance Brandon (his name’s been outed on the internets right?). Due to a little scheduling snafu, our first week of classes ended up being Weds/Thurs instead … Continue reading

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