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my life as a googlebot

Did you ever see The Puppet Masters? Where people get those creepy aliens hooked into the back of their necks? Sometimes I feel like one of those people, and the creepy alien in my neck is Google, I just do … Continue reading

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taxes, and the work yet to be done

I did our taxes the other day, and got a special thrill out of the fact that it was our first year filing as a married couple. I also got a special thrill at the amazing refund we ended up … Continue reading

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a tribute

During wedding planning, I pretty much lived on two sites: Etsy and APW. I’m still crazyface over APW (obv), but I am not AS much on Etsy just because I have no extra spending money and sometimes I resent that … Continue reading

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first he graduated from beginner obedience training.   Then he grew out of the harness we gave him.   Now he’s learning to lift a leg to pee (he used to always just lean forward a little in the most … Continue reading

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“Desperate Times” Recipe Series: Sweet Potato a la Rachary

I think “recipe” is kind of overkill in this series. These instructions for food I’m going to share are for when you’re feeling poor, lazy or both, but don’t want to eat a meal entirely devoid of nutrients. Today’s Desperate … Continue reading

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maybe lists aren’t really my friend

I accomplished exactly one thing from my weekend to-do list from last Friday: the post about the wedding. But honestly that wasn’t even the post I had planned to write; sometimes words flit around in my brain and never make … Continue reading

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baked beans. New England style. sort of.

So, I’m from Maine. We like our baked beans in Maine, and it may or may not be the same way they like them in Boston, but it most definitely is not out of a can. I made the mistake … Continue reading

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le wedding

So you may or may not have already seen my wedding graduate post. Since I wrote that, and have spent so much time commenting and whatnot over at APW, I haven’t really felt like making a full-fledged post on here … Continue reading

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today is a holiday

..and I’m too busy making baked beans (recipe coming soon) and not volunteering at all (sorry Obama), so this ain’t no full post. I’ll be on tomorrow with a little something about the wedding, maybe the first of a series? … Continue reading

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today is actually friday right?

..yesterday I dressed myself in jeans, all pumped for casual Friday. Woops. Apparently 2011 is a year for lists, for me. I’ve got some things I’d like to accomplish this weekend, and I guess if I’ve got some blog posts … Continue reading

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