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guess I need to work on my charm

I’ve already broken my new Day Zero Project to-do list. Well, I suppose it was never really not-broken, since I still haven’t finished listing 101 things on it, but, I’ve now officially made it impossible to complete the list. Yesterday… … Continue reading

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shake it baby

I just have to add to the avalanche of social media outlets reporting on the earthquake we all just felt, basically the entire length of the east coast. So far I’ve heard from people as far as Vermont and Georgia. … Continue reading

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clean all the things..?

Hey looky! I’m over at Oversized Cliches today, with a guest post in her “Infant Inquiries” series. It’s a really deep and thoughtful piece on my fears about having babies…. (via we heart it) hahaha ok I can’t even say … Continue reading

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holy moly

There we were, sweating through our kickboxing workout in the park, counting off roundhouse kicks, when I saw Jenn and Brandon grinning at something behind me. Without stopping my kicks I looked back, and saw the most ADORABLAY little boy, … Continue reading

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come celebrate marriage equality with meee

If you follow APW, you probably already know about this event. Did you also know we are celebrating this event in DC, this weekend? With cake and champagne? Here are the details: August 21! 3pm! Dupont Italian Kitchen/Windows (a room … Continue reading

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who’s excited..??

Ok so do you remember this story? It’s baaaack. Can you see it? That scrunched up machine there? That thing made me drool on my mom’s head two years ago. Imagine what it’ll make me do this year?? haha. I … Continue reading

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the light hike that wasn’t

Location: Mount Blue State Park; Tumbledown Mountain hike; Brook trail Start time: 12:30pm Expected end time: 4:30pm (ish) Actual end time: 8:30pm I don’t really remember exact times, but I know we set out for what we thought would be … Continue reading

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auntie brigade pride

My resolve at keeping this a moms-only birthday blog is seriously crumbling. But how could I resist wishing this sweet thing a happy day on her First Birthday? Clearly I can’t. Happy Birthday Baby Niece! I hope you get to … Continue reading

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on the farm. or, how zan became my hero

OK this subject line is a total lie, Zan has been my hero since forever. And having her over for brunch a couple months ago confirmed that she is awesome, and also taught me that she thinks she has an … Continue reading

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documentary fail

I was so in love with Zan’s little video she made of her road trip with Cowboy and the dogs, I thought YES. I will do that for my trip to Maine! I didn’t have any grand plans for putting … Continue reading

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