100 Push-ups Challenge: Week 1.2

Last week I was so super excited about this challenge. I was able to complete Day 1! That was amazing! I’m going to rock this!

And then it umm, got really hard? I finished Day 2 ok, not quite as strong as Day 1 but I got through it, I felt hardcore. And then Day 3 happened. I was supposed to follow this workout:

(resting 120 seconds between reps)

  • Rep 1: 4
  • Rep 2: 5
  • Rep 3: 4
  • Rep 4: 4
  • Rep 5: do as many as you can (minimum 5)

OK first of all, woops. Once again my ability to READ is getting in the way of things. I just now noticed for Day 3 I was supposed to rest 2 minutes between reps, not 1 (I had typed 60 seconds between reps above, but then noticed the website said 120 so I fixed it). Not suuure that would have made a huge difference, but I’m going to go ahead and say it was the reason I had so much trouble. Because man I had trouble with this. I think what I ended up doing was 4-5-3.5 and then since I could only manage about 1 real pushup for the last one, I started doing modifieds and did about 10. Then I tried to do real ones again, and did about 1. SAD FACE.

Week Two is off to a similar start unfortunately. Yesterday afternoon I tried doing the Week 2 Day 1 workout, which is 4-6-4-4-max, managed the first rep of 4 and then basically fell over. Did a few reps of modified push-ups and then sulked on the couch for a bit.

Yes I had already worked out that morning, and you’re supposed to be fully rested before doing these push-ups. But! Still! Frustration!

I chose to make myself feel better by blaming the system.. How am I supposed to go from being able to do 1 push-up, to doing all these reps, in a matter of a week? Tomfoolery! Shenanigans! Huffinpuff! But then I had to admit that the program even says, if you struggle with a given week, you just have to repeat it until you can get through it.

SO I think I have to go back and do Week 1 again, which I even told myself I might have to do, way back when I was starting this and assumed I would be able to do zero. But I got cocky after the success of my first day of the challenge and now I just want to magically make my way to 100 push-ups in six weeks! Le sigh.

Tomorrow, I will repeat Week 1 Day 2, and see how that goes. How are you all doing?

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10 Responses to 100 Push-ups Challenge: Week 1.2

  1. andee says:

    I did good the first 2 days. Then I feel off the push up wagon, and haven’t done anything since…..lame ass. Thanks for complaining and blaming the system, I have no one to blam but myself. Also I keep screwing up the order, why is so hard to remember? We need a little ditty to make it easier to remember.

  2. pinchofthis says:

    i did day 1 and two and then totally fell off the wagon…but now the iphone app is totally mocking me. it sends me reminders to do it and I feel like a lameass!

    • ddayporter says:

      haha! you’re not a lameass! other than being a jerk and mocking you, how is the app? I don’t really want to pay for it but I’m curious if it’s helpful.

      • pinchofthis says:

        I got it when it was on sale with the crunches one, they were 99c for the both of them, and it’s definitely worth that. It keeps the time for you between sets..so that’s helpful ;)

  3. craftosaurus says:

    I don’t have the app, but I put the number of reps in my calendar a week at a time, so in a way I’m just making myself feel like a lameass. Hmmm.

    Anyway. I was doing pretty well (got up to over 40(!) pushups total), and then…. I hurt my hand. Either from the pushups themselves, or from knitting — either way, not my finest hour. So I’ll probably wait a bit until that’s resolved, then I guess start over? See how much I’ve atrophied? Ugh.

  4. ddayporter says:

    well, better to be safe and wait till you’re 100% in your hand again. do you have any weights or anything? maybe you could do some light lifting to keep your muscles active till you can start up again..

  5. Sarah says:

    I completed week 1 successfully (though most were knee-PUPs), started week two, but didn’t finish. So, I’m repeating week 2 starting today. Good news is that for the first time I did all full-PUPs! We’ll have to egg each other on while you’re here :) Oh, and my problem isn’t forgetting the order (b/c I have my computer open next to me) but apparently 60 sec is enough time for me to forget how many I just did and which set I’m on. I’m pretty sure at least once I’ve added in an extra set because I couldn’t remember if I’d just finished set 3 or 4. doh.

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