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[no camera] + [blog] = DOES NOT COMPUTE

I guess I could be posting about my latest etsy obsessions (because I can’t Believe I forgot to whine about this shop in my weddingy shoulda-coulda post), or painting you guys goofy pictures, since I have no camera right now. … Continue reading

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things I want.

a mini-trampoline. the kind of vacation where you just drive around and eat a bunch of pork sandwiches. dis lady‘s amazing dog. what! she’d get along with Brady just fine…! she played with this pug and didn’t eat him even … Continue reading

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karma – an illustration

A few years ago, one of my good friends had a crappy boy problem. I’m not going to share any of the details but it doesn’t matter really – a boy did something crappy to her. Like Rill Crappy. We … Continue reading

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the dinner that maybe didn’t happen, who knows, there’s no proof

Does it ever seem like, if there weren’t any pictures taken, it didn’t happen? Last weekend zp and I made dinner for my mom’s birthday, and invited his parents to join us. It was the kind of meal you prepare … Continue reading

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autoimmunity shmottoimmunity

This post is in solidarity with and support of the Broke-Ass Bride Dishing for Dana fundraising campaign. Please go check out her story, and help her out if you can/want (but don’t look too closely at the pictures if you … Continue reading

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yo fools it’s april

I thought about playing some kind of prank on my blog today, for my mom’s birthday. BUT. I’m gonna be nice (but only because I couldn’t think of a good one. heeheee). Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone how old … Continue reading

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