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the spanish tortilla

I am hesitant to tell you about this because I don’t think we’ve perfected the recipe to our taste, and I’m not sure how authentic it even is, though when searching “spanish tortilla recipe,” most of the results were some … Continue reading

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recipe: pumpkin pancakes

Okay there’s really no reason for this post because all the info is basically back here in my original pancakes kapow recipe (see variations at the bottom of that post). But. But. These are so goooood, they need more attention … Continue reading

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recipe: flourless peanut butter cookies

Yep, food again. But this is glorifying what I can eat instead of whining. Progress! :) I adapted this from a recipe I found SOMEwhere. Sorry cannot remember the series of links I followed to find this, no credit for … Continue reading

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well past time for pumpkin soup

This is coming a little bit later in the season than I thought it would, since I am usually craving this soup (and pumpkin pancakes!) on the very first day of Fall, if not before. I was craving these things … Continue reading

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recipe: tomato salad

I saw this recipe on smitten kitchen and loved that I would have an excuse to buy a new basil plant. Honestly, a packet of fresh basil is like $2.99, the basil plant is $3.99. We’d use a few leaves … Continue reading

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recipe: petits fours faciles

In honor of Bastille Day, my friend Elizabeth hosted a tres frenchy brunch this past weekend. Beaucoup de crepes pour tout le monde! I tried making a shirt for Brady, using glitter glue on an old t-shirt.. it stayed on … Continue reading

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recipe: thai-inspired coconut mushroom soup

I was exploring a different Safeway from my usual one the other day several weeks ago, and found out that Some stores have a recipe rack in the produce section. Is this a thing? Do lots of grocery stores have … Continue reading

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