ok almost done

I’m back with more gratuitous oversharing today. But you guys just have to see the amazing that is zach’s Paint skillz. and then I’ll be done because tomorrow I’m joining Jo and Lizzie/Isaiah and lots of others and going quiet on the blog for Japan.

Anyway, so.

I think we may have lost a few doodles along the way, because I swear he did more than these. But here’s what we found. You will probably have to click on some of them to make them bigger, to decipher some of his messages (some of them are just irreparably blurry because Paint doesn’t save to .jpg very well)..

This was something he drew, I think around our first dating anniversary (April 2008). I can’t even remember the whole story behind the wizards who flew from tub to tub. I think it was a dream I had!

I think this one was just his reaction to the drawing I did to illustrate his poem. By the way, there’s never an answer to questions like, “but why does she have a hook for one hand and a bush for the other? what’s the red foot about? what’s going on around your head?”

This was my birthday card in 2009. Can you read it? I may have to come back and do subtitles. Hint about Frame 3: I got him a watch as an engagement present, and it was WAY BIGGER in real life than it looked online. Like, huge.

We like to go to Teddy Roosevelt Island sometimes; so do these ducks. Well we used to go a lot more (it’s where we got engaged!), I don’t think we went a single time last year though, poo (zp: let’s go on Sunday or Monday with Brady?).

You can see from this drawing how pretty he thinks I am (and how good he is at French….). Note: WoT = Wheel of Time.

AND bonus. He just drew this one this morning, was going to wait till our anniversary on Sunday to share it but he couldn’t wait. And I couldn’t not share it because I literally clapped with joy when I saw it! Again, no explanations can be given for some of this. Just assume it all equals love.

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8 Responses to ok almost done

  1. Mary says:

    Omg. That last one made me laugh A LOT.

    “Not yet? OK, I’ll be back later” lolllll

    I love these. I was going to post our flirty just-started-dating-in-high-school emails on my blog for our anniversary this month, but these have got me beat :)

  2. meghan says:

    I love these. And he’s a keeper fo sho.

  3. ElizMarWilli says:

    Hahahaha I love Brady in the last one!!! That’s awesome. *high fives zp*

  4. lizzie says:

    this is AWESOME! what in the world!? i love it.

  5. Jo says:



    And more :D

    And that’s not even because of the Guinness float I had at lunch.

  6. mfitztudio says:

    holy amazingness! What great drawings, zp!!! I LOVE the “help!” “I have lots of hair” !!!! I ROFLMAO on that one! Oh, and I second the comment on the awesomeness of this last drawing of Brady! <3

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