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100 Push-ups Challenge: Week 1.2

Last week I was so super excited about this challenge. I was able to complete Day 1! That was amazing! I’m going to rock this! And then it umm, got really hard? I finished Day 2 ok, not quite as … Continue reading

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I really wanted that coffee.

dear 4H bus: next time you plan to fly by my stop without, you know, STOPPING, please let me know in advance. if I’d known you were going to keep going and make me wait 15 minutes for the next … Continue reading

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meghan KAPOW!

I have really neglected my duty of establishing a Blog Roll. Which is pretty silly because one of my favorite things to do is read my billion blogs that fill up my Reader. I wish there was a way to … Continue reading

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kapow? no kapow.

Today, when confronted with free bagels, free chipotle AND free dunkin donuts, I partook (word?) of all three. Because Thursdays I have kickboxing, I eat what I want!! I probably burn at least 800 calories in that class, so, it’s … Continue reading

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karma – an illustration

A few years ago, one of my good friends had a crappy boy problem. I’m not going to share any of the details but it doesn’t matter really – a boy did something crappy to her. Like Rill Crappy. We … Continue reading

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ok almost done

I’m back with more gratuitous oversharing today. But you guys just have to see the amazing that is zach’s Paint skillz. and then I’ll be done because tomorrow I’m joining Jo and Lizzie/Isaiah and lots of others and going quiet … Continue reading

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fun at the fair

I ran across this drawing I did a couple years ago. zp and I went with my mom to the county fair. I’ve never been much for roller coasters because I have this thing where I stop breathing on them. … Continue reading

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introducing.. Maggie Moo – UPDATED

so, you may have already met Maggie. but I don’t think you’ve met.. Aggie Moo. and here is Maggie wearing a Little Dress for Africa. There was one more costume, but it was.. bad. Tried to do a french maid … Continue reading

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ohmygod shoes.

first of all, I hope none of you missed this years-old gem: shoes. I just feel like we can’t have a real conversation about shoes until everyone has seen that. I just watched it again and it’s exactly as hilarious … Continue reading

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fun with paint

so I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite pastimes. here is a picture of cats.   here is a better picture of cats. here is an even better picture. of cats. disregard the fact that the black … Continue reading

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