bad paint romance

I don’t know how I managed to get my mushy feelings across in 2007, can’t find any Paint drawings from back then. I think we used to write each other a lot more notes on real paper. For some reason moving in together = death to handwritten notes. Hmm. But here is basically 2008, in Paint.


I think I really missed an opportunity here, definitely should have included a hot dog at the top of this.


We both call each other Stinker, or Stinky, or any variation that has to do with being gassy and/or unshowered. Because both are pretty much constants in our home.


Music has been a big part of our relationship. He basically seduced me with mixtapes (well CDs, but mixtape sounds better). To this day I rely on him for basically all my music, without him all I would know about is “Enema Man and Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dog” (BAHA not really I just wanted an excuse to share this link with you – you must go see this if you haven’t already) . But I have managed to bring a little music to him as well, with bands like Neutral Milk Hotel. Definitely not for everyone but they just kill me. Anyway the below were drawings I did for him that illustrate a couple of my favorite songs by them.

left panel: "aeroplane over the sea;" right panel: "king of carrot flowers"

a note dated 6-12-08:

(my toe says hi)

One weekend morning as we were leaving our apartment (farmers market trip maybe?), a bird shat on my head. Hysterics and barely suppressed laughter may have ensued. Anyway after that, zp took to depicting me with a little squiggle over my head in emoticons via email, and for reasons I no longer remember, added an ampersand over his and called it spaghetti. So that’s what that’s about, below.

filename: is it hunger or something else


Zach sometimes likes to write me poems. Before you go “awww” they are usually not odes to my beauty or wit. This next drawing was inspired by one such poem he wrote, called “You always seem to smell.” Or it may have been untitled, but that’s the opening line.

A few months later when I started feeling even more starry-eyed, I changed my dress in this picture into a wedding gown, and added a veil. I don’t know if I ever showed it to him.. But I might bring it out on the blog sometime soon.


I have no idea what inspired this. But it’s one of my favorites. You may have to click on it to expand to full size.

Apparently I felt I couldn’t top that one because I can’t find any others after that in 2008. Up next: 2009, zach tries to show me up with his own paint drawings.

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5 Responses to bad paint romance

  1. Sara N says:

    Oh nice post Rachel! It’s interesting to read about your dating dynamic. Looks like you guys really like being silly around each other. :) The Paint drawings are very sweet.

    And yes, you are missing a wiener dog. :P

    Congrats on your anniversary!!

  2. Jo says:

    Happy anniversary! And my LORD woman, that last one is crazy awesome!! If only I hadn’t been taught so thoroughly not to plagiarize….

    You guys are adorable. And for some reason, most pet names of good couples I know have to do with smelly things. One of my friends calls his wife “poo nug”.

    Bwahahahahahaha about the old Senator. That’s amazing and I somehow totally missed it. I’m going to start nicknaming people using his methods.

    • d-day says:

      bahahah I give you full permission to take out zach’s face and draw in your dude’s! you just have to promise to show it to me.

      I KNOW, I kind of just want to call everyone snoopy snoopy poop dog.

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