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on the farm. or, how zan became my hero

OK this subject line is a total lie, Zan has been my hero since forever. And having her over for brunch a couple months ago confirmed that she is awesome, and also taught me that she thinks she has an … Continue reading

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documentary fail

I was so in love with Zan’s little video she made of her road trip with Cowboy and the dogs, I thought YES. I will do that for my trip to Maine! I didn’t have any grand plans for putting … Continue reading

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home again home again, jiggity jig*

Brady and I are both still a bit in recovery from our adventure. We got home Tuesday night, and I think he’s getting the idea that we’re home for good again and he can settle back in. Thankfully he does … Continue reading

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to get seduced by a cat you must get up very early in the morning

I had to get to work early this morning for a pre-hours meeting of our advisory committee. Walking to the metro at 6:15am, pumping some Ra Ra Riot through my ear buds, the last thing I expected was to be … Continue reading

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my lovely students (kapow!)

So, as I mentioned, I’ve started pseudo*-instructing a kickboxing class for Jenn and her fiance Brandon (his name’s been outed on the internets right?). Due to a little scheduling snafu, our first week of classes ended up being Weds/Thurs instead … Continue reading

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PSA: back up your photos, kids

..and your whole computer actually. often. We got a virus yesterday, wiped our documents and photos. Thank goodness we didn’t lose the music!! Last time we had done a back-up to DVD was around Christmas.. some of my photos are … Continue reading

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summer, stay a while

I think I have the same question many are asking this morning this afternoon, which is.. HOW is it JULY already..?? This is bonkers to me. Time flies by too fast. I am enjoying summer right now because the past … Continue reading

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I’ve been having a hard time putting two words together lately, much less an actual blog post. I’ve got a coconut mushroom soup recipe sitting in my drafts, and an asian-inspired slaw draft somewhere in my brain (if I could … Continue reading

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well hello

I have been a bit lazy over here lately, BUT I’m excited to say, I am being interviewed over at Kind of a Mess today. AND that rhymed. bonus. weeeeeeeeeee! go check me outttt. and read the rest of that … Continue reading

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history lesson time

D-Day. Military term. the day on which a combat attack or operation is to be initiated. On June 6, 1944, something called Operation Neptune launched the Allied invasion of Normandy during World War II. Wikipedia likes to refer to this … Continue reading

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