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an observation

Apparently I’m fascinated by power lines. There’s just something so artistic about the way they cut the sky. And it’s not just the sweet effects of my phone apps. I’m always staring up at the intersections of these charged squirrel … Continue reading

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[no camera] + [blog] = DOES NOT COMPUTE

I guess I could be posting about my latest etsy obsessions (because I can’t Believe I forgot to whine about this shop in my weddingy shoulda-coulda post), or painting you guys goofy pictures, since I have no camera right now. … Continue reading

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things I want.

a mini-trampoline. the kind of vacation where you just drive around and eat a bunch of pork sandwiches. dis lady‘s amazing dog. what! she’d get along with Brady just fine…! she played with this pug and didn’t eat him even … Continue reading

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the dinner that maybe didn’t happen, who knows, there’s no proof

Does it ever seem like, if there weren’t any pictures taken, it didn’t happen? Last weekend zp and I made dinner for my mom’s birthday, and invited his parents to join us. It was the kind of meal you prepare … Continue reading

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ohmygod shoes.

first of all, I hope none of you missed this years-old gem: shoes. I just feel like we can’t have a real conversation about shoes until everyone has seen that. I just watched it again and it’s exactly as hilarious … Continue reading

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valentines day: what it is

I have always been sort of confused in my brain about how I feel about Valentine’s Day. As a kid I loved making big heart envelopes out of construction paper, to hold all the be-my-valentine notes we all had to … Continue reading

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taxes, and the work yet to be done

I did our taxes the other day, and got a special thrill out of the fact that it was our first year filing as a married couple. I also got a special thrill at the amazing refund we ended up … Continue reading

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a kick in the pants

Meg’s news today gets me so PUMPED. I’ve been looking around for cans to kick all day, just to let it OUT. I don’t necessarily aspire to the same things as she does, but I sure as hell aspire to … Continue reading

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