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merry christmas

Brady has already torn through four different Christmas toys, so it seems to be a good day for him so far! I’ve got lots of posts I want to share before the new year, here’s hoping they happen. Also hoping … Continue reading

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it’s a brady-versary!

Well helloooo. Nothing like an excuse to post a zillion photos of my dog to get me motivated to get back to my blog. :) One year ago today, we went to an adoption event at PetMAC, not expecting to … Continue reading

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the light hike that wasn’t

Location: Mount Blue State Park; Tumbledown Mountain hike; Brook trail Start time: 12:30pm Expected end time: 4:30pm (ish) Actual end time: 8:30pm I don’t really remember exact times, but I know we set out for what we thought would be … Continue reading

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home again home again, jiggity jig*

Brady and I are both still a bit in recovery from our adventure. We got home Tuesday night, and I think he’s getting the idea that we’re home for good again and he can settle back in. Thankfully he does … Continue reading

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perfect day? pretty darn close

you can go ahead and imagine this came out on Monday, or even Tuesday. I’m slow. :) After reading my description of my “perfect day” in Alyssa’s interview, we kinda wanted to, umm, live it out, this past Sunday. Didn’t … Continue reading

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this is dangerousss

My blackberry I had for work went on the frogs, and instead of just fixing it, they got me an Android! I’ve become a bit annoying already, with the picture taking and angry birds playing… Ha! Hello auto correct. In … Continue reading

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good news everyone!

ok I really don’t want to make this a blog about my dog. but we’re just so excited today. he had a check-up and he is cleared for TOYS and normal FOOD. no more eating gooey mush. no more chewing … Continue reading

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first he graduated from beginner obedience training.   Then he grew out of the harness we gave him.   Now he’s learning to lift a leg to pee (he used to always just lean forward a little in the most … Continue reading

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in which blog degenerates into daily updates on the dog’s life

..but look how pathetic and adorable he is. he was so out of it when he got back from surgery, he couldn’t even get into his bed all the way. Tuesday was a rough day for the little guy, but … Continue reading

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bman at it again

My poor dog is at the dentist again. Yes I did just use “dog” and “dentist” in the same sentence. He broke a tooth a few months ago so we had to take him to get it fixed, and now … Continue reading

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