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merry christmas

Brady has already torn through four different Christmas toys, so it seems to be a good day for him so far! I’ve got lots of posts I want to share before the new year, here’s hoping they happen. Also hoping … Continue reading

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it’s a brady-versary!

Well helloooo. Nothing like an excuse to post a zillion photos of my dog to get me motivated to get back to my blog. :) One year ago today, we went to an adoption event at PetMAC, not expecting to … Continue reading

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the light hike that wasn’t

Location: Mount Blue State Park; Tumbledown Mountain hike; Brook trail Start time: 12:30pm Expected end time: 4:30pm (ish) Actual end time: 8:30pm I don’t really remember exact times, but I know we set out for what we thought would be … Continue reading

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home again home again, jiggity jig*

Brady and I are both still a bit in recovery from our adventure. We got home Tuesday night, and I think he’s getting the idea that we’re home for good again and he can settle back in. Thankfully he does … Continue reading

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perfect day? pretty darn close

you can go ahead and imagine this came out on Monday, or even Tuesday. I’m slow. :) After reading my description of my “perfect day” in Alyssa’s interview, we kinda wanted to, umm, live it out, this past Sunday. Didn’t … Continue reading

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this is dangerousss

My blackberry I had for work went on the frogs, and instead of just fixing it, they got me an Android! I’ve become a bit annoying already, with the picture taking and angry birds playing… Ha! Hello auto correct. In … Continue reading

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good news everyone!

ok I really don’t want to make this a blog about my dog. but we’re just so excited today. he had a check-up and he is cleared for TOYS and normal FOOD. no more eating gooey mush. no more chewing … Continue reading

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