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just because I know you’ve been wondering…

…I was not super enamored of the whole colo-endo experience. A lot of people said it would be a breeze, you’ll sleep through it, the colyte you have to drink really isn’t that bad. Well no actually most people agreed … Continue reading

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you’re gonna put what where?

Good news: I get to go back on gluten (still no dairy) for the next 2 weeks. pancakes! pasta! etc! Bad news: I’m now scheduled for a double-doom, tube-in-both-ends kind of day, later this month. Endoscopy AND colonoscopy. bing bang. … Continue reading

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bad news bears ( mathau..)

Every once in a while I have what I like to refer to as butt problems. Before you run screaming from what is sure to be a hugely TMI post, that is as graphic as it’s going to get (you … Continue reading

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random food review

Every once in a while I find new things and think to myself, “Do people know about this? People should know about this.” Corazonas Oatmeal Squares are my latest discovery. They are totally jumping on the health-food-frenzy bandwagon, with the … Continue reading

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if I never post again..’s probably because I’m lazy. OR I’ve died on the bike commute I’m about to undertake. It’s 11 miles home from here, I’ve done it before but not in a long time! Also it’s 90 degrees outside. I’ll try to … Continue reading

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kapow? no kapow.

Today, when confronted with free bagels, free chipotle AND free dunkin donuts, I partook (word?) of all three. Because Thursdays I have kickboxing, I eat what I want!! I probably burn at least 800 calories in that class, so, it’s … Continue reading

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in sickness

In case anyone was wondering, husbands are really nice to have around. They take that whole “in sickness” vow pretty seriously I guess (even though ok we didn’t do traditional vows and that line wasn’t actually said during our wedding, … Continue reading

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