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streaking, day one

My friend Amber said to me yesterday, “I’m thinking of trying to streak in December.” Amber is famous for saying things that are 100% true but also 100% misleading. Amber is not planning to run naked anywhere. She’s planning a … Continue reading

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If it wasn’t obvious already, I am very much in the category of people who elevate the Writing of to-do lists over actually checking things off. I mean I love checking things off hello. But faced with a list of … Continue reading

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taxes, and the work yet to be done

I did our taxes the other day, and got a special thrill out of the fact that it was our first year filing as a married couple. I also got a special thrill at the amazing refund we ended up … Continue reading

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today is actually friday right?

..yesterday I dressed myself in jeans, all pumped for casual Friday. Woops. Apparently 2011 is a year for lists, for me. I’ve got some things I’d like to accomplish this weekend, and I guess if I’ve got some blog posts … Continue reading

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a kick in the pants

Meg’s news today gets me so PUMPED. I’ve been looking around for cans to kick all day, just to let it OUT. I don’t necessarily aspire to the same things as she does, but I sure as hell aspire to … Continue reading

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Life List.. In progress

Mmmk I’ve added a few things to my Life List. I was kind of alarmed the other day while I was musing over this on my metro ride home, how is it that I could only think of 21 things … Continue reading

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for future reference

I’ve been mulling over some goals for the past week or two, thought I’d lay them out here so I could check back a year from now and see how I did. I still have my 101 things in 1001 … Continue reading

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A new year

I created this blog oh I don’t know how many months ago, because I was craving my own space. And then I never filled it up with anything! Well it’s a new year and maybe I’ll have things to say … Continue reading

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