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discovered the ipad camera

Soooo we got an iPad, no big deal. It has a camera you can flip around so you can SEE YOUR FACE while you’re TAKING PICTURES OF IT. More on this later (typing on iPad is a skill not yet … Continue reading

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bad news bears ( mathau..)

Every once in a while I have what I like to refer to as butt problems. Before you run screaming from what is sure to be a hugely TMI post, that is as graphic as it’s going to get (you … Continue reading

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way late to this bandwagon: pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest I finally joined pinterest a week or two ago (forgive me, I cannot figure out how to make this paragraph start anywhere but awkwardly mid-line after the photo source. html and I are not … Continue reading

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aaaand nevermind

So! My father-in-law is a genius. The virus had just hidden all our files, and changed the filenames so we couldn’t find them. But he worked some kind of magic and now it’s all fixed. Well Zach is still working … Continue reading

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this is dangerousss

My blackberry I had for work went on the frogs, and instead of just fixing it, they got me an Android! I’ve become a bit annoying already, with the picture taking and angry birds playing… Ha! Hello auto correct. In … Continue reading

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kapow? no kapow.

Today, when confronted with free bagels, free chipotle AND free dunkin donuts, I partook (word?) of all three. Because Thursdays I have kickboxing, I eat what I want!! I probably burn at least 800 calories in that class, so, it’s … Continue reading

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introducing.. Maggie Moo – UPDATED

so, you may have already met Maggie. but I don’t think you’ve met.. Aggie Moo. and here is Maggie wearing a Little Dress for Africa. There was one more costume, but it was.. bad. Tried to do a french maid … Continue reading

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