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and, bam.

Ahhh! Thanks to this amazing comment I now have the magic of embedding my treasuries into mai blogggg. Still have some html lernin’ to do to make it mo prettier, but, yay! Treasury: ‘special little snowflakes’ by racharypants a festive … Continue reading

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etsy treasuries

I have become obsessed. I have always loved looking at Etsy treasuries other people put together, and for some reason I just Could not figure out how to make one myself! And then I saw the “Create a List” link … Continue reading

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streaking, day one

My friend Amber said to me yesterday, “I’m thinking of trying to streak in December.” Amber is famous for saying things that are 100% true but also 100% misleading. Amber is not planning to run naked anywhere. She’s planning a … Continue reading

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recipe: pumpkin pancakes

Okay there’s really no reason for this post because all the info is basically back here in my original pancakes kapow recipe (see variations at the bottom of that post). But. But. These are so goooood, they need more attention … Continue reading

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just because I know you’ve been wondering…

…I was not super enamored of the whole colo-endo experience. A lot of people said it would be a breeze, you’ll sleep through it, the colyte you have to drink really isn’t that bad. Well no actually most people agreed … Continue reading

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you’re gonna put what where?

Good news: I get to go back on gluten (still no dairy) for the next 2 weeks. pancakes! pasta! etc! Bad news: I’m now scheduled for a double-doom, tube-in-both-ends kind of day, later this month. Endoscopy AND colonoscopy. bing bang. … Continue reading

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recipe: flourless peanut butter cookies

Yep, food again. But this is glorifying what I can eat instead of whining. Progress! :) I adapted this from a recipe I found SOMEwhere. Sorry cannot remember the series of links I followed to find this, no credit for … Continue reading

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something not food related

Ok every time I’ve been tempted to post something to my blog this week, it’s been about food. The weird food I’m eating in an attempt to avoid gluten and dairy, or the food I’m lusting after that I can … Continue reading

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bad news bears ( mathau..)

Every once in a while I have what I like to refer to as butt problems. Before you run screaming from what is sure to be a hugely TMI post, that is as graphic as it’s going to get (you … Continue reading

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sometimes work is ok

My job is basically to get people to not drive alone to work. We promote biking, walking, transit, carpooling, etc. Today we got to go out on an organized group ride, full of VIP county people, biking advocacy group leaders, … Continue reading

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