plz halp

I don’t know if I’m mentioned (yeah right).. but we’re going to Vegas in like, nine days.

We’re staying at Paris.

We plan to do a lot of gawking, and maybe a little gambling.

At all times I want to be wearing sparkles and/or gold and/or red. I don’t know why, it just seems like a requirement. Unfortunately, I own very few things that seem Vegas-appropriate, at the mo. Local DC area people, if you have any sparkly/gold/red things to lend me, plz shout. Or if you see something super cute hanging in, say, Good Will, or some other thrift shop, shout at me about that too. Things retro and/or slightly tacky would totally qualify.

Also, if anyone could come over and teach me how to walk in high heels, I’d like to be able to wear these somewhere outside my (messy) closet.

I got them for my “Wicked Witch of the East – before she got killed by the house” costume like 5 years ago, party was in someone’s apartment so all I had to do in them was stand there. And then happily take them off and toss them in a corner after 5 minutes. I put them on last night and tried to walk around my apartment… Not good people. Not good. HALP.

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12 Responses to plz halp

  1. Ceej says:

    Practice wearing them around the house or to take Brady on shorter walks. I think the trick is a more “pronounced” gait. Kind of throw your leg out in front of you, so the heel strikes the ground when your leg is super straight, and repeat the on the other side. Heel toe heel toe. Your hips will sway more than when you wear flats or lower heels. Keep your shoulders back so you’re not timidly stepping.

    • d-day says:

      bahaha are you trying to kill me? brady sees a squirrel and I DIE. but actually, the rest of your advice sounds helpful, thank you! :) my neighbors can get a good laugh watching me take laps around my courtyard.

  2. Alyssa says:

    How about making your own? This tutorial is how I made Lauren a pair of purple glitter shoes…no need for the pretty flower topper unless you want to.

    Also, can I highly recommend NOT wearing those or any other heels unless you’re just going to dinner or a show? Everything is pretty close in Vegas, but 15 minutes stomping the pavement in heels will make you cranky, especially since you’ll probably be wandering and not heading to a definite destination. (It does me, at least. If my feet hurt or my underwear is uncomfortable, it is OVER for me.) Keep a big bag on you and stash a pair of those roll-up flats or something similar in them. That way you can be lovely and stylish when you wanna be seen and comfy on the strip when you’ll be dodging drunk folks.

    Vegas is a whole lot of fun, but not as classy as I want it to be. :-/ My sister-in-law lives there, let me know if you need recommendations on places to eat or avoid! :-)

  3. pinchofthis says:

    Oh man. I have a shirt that you need. It screams Vegas. Halter, way deep v neck, blue with sequins… In fact, the only time I’ve ever worn it was in Vegas.
    I would totally send it to you. It might be too big for you though…

  4. Sarah says:

    You’re welcome to come raid my closet if you’d like. I’ve got a couple sparkly things that should work!

    • Keshawn says:

      Da hast du wirklich wichtige Punkte prima zutammengefaßs. Sicherlich ist die Liste erweiterbar (z.B. Models werden NIEMALS vom Fotografen angefaßt), doch legst du hier viel Wert auf atmospgärische Parameter – und DIE kann man tatsächlich auf Bildern sehen.lgHolger Reich, Der Wupperphotograph

  5. liz says:

    LADY. I’m not DC, but I’m close-ish, right? And I have a gold sequined skirt. Wanna borrow it?

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