etsy treasuries

source: wishdaisy's Etsy shop

I have become obsessed. I have always loved looking at Etsy treasuries other people put together, and for some reason I just Could not figure out how to make one myself! And then I saw the “Create a List” link on the Treasuries page, which was probably pretty prominent this whole time..

And now I can’t stop looking for stuff to put into cute little collections! I have not put the amazing sparkly magenta elephants into any collection yet, but it’s going to happen.

I wish there was a way to integrate my treasuries into my blog.. Maybe there is and I don’t know it? Will have to settle for links till I figure out a better way. They’re all holiday related so far, but someday I might branch out..

special little snowflakes

christmas picks

handmade kid stuff

Are you in my Etsy circle yet? Add me if you want!

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2 Responses to etsy treasuries

  1. I put treasuries on my wordpress blog all of the time! Here is the easy tool i use!

    And it’s in simple HTML, so if you are familiar it’s easy to edit (for example, I like to center the treasuries and since I do rows of 3 i take the last item off so they are even, etc.)

    Hope that helps! (LOVE the elephants!)

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