streaking, day one

just a raccoon in a suit, no big deal

My friend Amber said to me yesterday, “I’m thinking of trying to streak in December.” Amber is famous for saying things that are 100% true but also 100% misleading.

Amber is not planning to run naked anywhere. She’s planning a running streak, as in, running at least a mile every single day during the month of December.

This is definitely one of those challenges that makes my eyes light up with anticipation of following through on something so “doable” as running just one mile (or more if I want!) every day. I am endlessly optimistic each time something like this comes up, no matter how recent my last follow-through failure has been.

With that said, I boldly state with fist on desktop that I am going to run at least one mile every day in December. Today is Day 1 and I haven’t failed yet! I ran this morning! How about that. It was my turn to walk the dog so I got geared up in my oh-shoot-I-need-to-do-laundry cold weather running ensemble (respectable stuff as yet unwashed since Turkey Trot, so I was thankful for early morning darkness, given my improvised combo of pink thermal leggings under raggedly cropped yoga pants).

Brady was not as excited about running as I was, but I’m pretty sure we ran at least a mile, and also walked about a mile. And then I had to walk a mile (briskly) to the metro because I missed my bus, so, I’ve got some mileage in today, I’m calling Day 1 checked off. Shazam.

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5 Responses to streaking, day one

  1. Oooh, an excellent idea! I’m not entirely sure I can take that challenge (December is criz-azy for work stuff), but I love the idea behind it!

  2. craftosaurus says:

    Yes, good idea! I think I need to get better about setting wee manageable goals for myself, or at least benchmarks within larger goals. “Improve my time for that 5k in March, after recovering from an injury and taking three months off” isn’t inspiring thus far.

  3. Kelsey says:

    Well done! What a great running goal. Might be the perfect way for me to come back! Can’t wait to hear your progress.

  4. pinchofthis says:

    dang! I’m impressed lady!

    also. raccoon in a suit. no big deal.
    love it.

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