sometimes work is ok

My job is basically to get people to not drive alone to work. We promote biking, walking, transit, carpooling, etc. Today we got to go out on an organized group ride, full of VIP county people, biking advocacy group leaders, police, etc., on a local trail to a nearby urban district.

I took a bunch of pictures and was going to share and then I thought I’d better not, I don’t really want to attract the attention/ire of my employer or the VIPs pictured. So! Here are a couple of scenic shots for you – may you find routes so pretty to travel this fine weekend.

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2 Responses to sometimes work is ok

  1. Magpie says:

    You have what sounds like a pretty awesome job. I wish I got paid to ride my bike. :)

  2. craftosaurus says:

    Agreed! Your job sounds pretty great. :)

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