guess I need to work on my charm

I’ve already broken my new Day Zero Project to-do list.

Well, I suppose it was never really not-broken, since I still haven’t finished listing 101 things on it, but, I’ve now officially made it impossible to complete the list.

Yesterday… I failed to talk my way out of a speeding ticket in traffic court. SIGH.

I tried to dress all nice and whatnot, didn’t account for my warbly cold-clogged voice or the fact that the judge could really care less about my until-now perfect driving record. Honestly, I was speeding, why should I get out of it just because I want to?

I suppose it’s not impossible to complete this item, all I have to do is get pulled over for speeding AGAIN and this time talk my way out of it. Bam. ..I think I just heard Zach’s forehead hit a wall..

At least having to go to court in Fairfax gave me the excuse to pop by our wedding spot for a peek. The grounds were so sparse when we got married, how pretty with all the flowers now..!

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One Response to guess I need to work on my charm

  1. Meghan says:

    I love re-visiting our wedding spot. Someday I want to have alittle picnic there.

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