shake it baby

I just have to add to the avalanche of social media outlets reporting on the earthquake we all just felt, basically the entire length of the east coast. So far I’ve heard from people as far as Vermont and Georgia. This is highly irregular, right? How does it reach so far? Is it because it was only 1 km below the surface?

So I was sitting at my desk, which is on the first floor of a building under major renovation. They have been dropping concrete blocks on the floor right above my head for weeks, I was already convinced I was going to die by collapsed ceiling.

When I felt my desk shaking, my first thought was WHAT THE FREAKING HALL YOU CRAZY JERKS (and other words as well) and I started to ask my coworker if she felt it, and then I realized I was standing in the hall and the floor was still shaking. Something fell over somewhere in the office. My office manager came barreling out of her office and started yelling at everyone to get outside. At this point I was still highly confused and pretty convinced the guys doing construction upstairs had just done something seriously bad to our building.

But then we got outside and noticed people streaming out of other buildings on our block, and the elementary school across the street.. And there was this funny echoing “Earthquake! Was that an earthquake? Earthquake?! I think that was an earthquake..”For a moment I was just going noooo couldn’t be..! But then I switched to “Earthquake! Where’s my phone?! Must get on gmail and twitter..!”

Everyone was just standing around outside, wondering what we should do, but then the hair dressers and their wet-haired clients went back inside, and a few others started wandering back in, so I figured it was at least safe to run in and grab my phone… Went back outside for a bit but there didn’t seem to be any emergency personnel coming, we just made the executive decision that it was probably ok to go back to work.

And now we wait for aftershocks I guess? I think I’m going to have all songs with “Shake” in them running through my head for a while..

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7 Responses to shake it baby

  1. Sarah says:

    Ok, so. Yes, being felt up and down the coast is irregular, but yes, it’s because it was so shallow. 5.9 is nothing to sneeze at, but nothing to be worried about either.

    My first thought was that there was a large truck behind the building. But then it kept going … and going. About 30 seconds in, I thought I should get under my desk, and did. For the first time since middle school.

    Quick note … one of the WORST things you can do during an earthquake is RUN OUTSIDE. You’re safer in the building where the infastructure will give you some protection should it start to fall. But outside you’re in danger of having stuff start falling and hitting you. The ONLY time that’s ok is when you are so far away from everything else you just have to run outside the range of whatever building you just left/trees/street lights. So … not gonna happen in a city.

    See? Growing up in earthquake land DID help!

    • d-day says:

      lol yeah if I had even thought it was an earthquake I might have remembered my earthquake drills from elementary school in california.. but I really thought it was construction stuff and I wanted to go yell at them.

  2. Sarah says:

    Also … aftershock betting pool, anyone? ::winks::

  3. Kimberly says:

    Felt it up in Canada . . . although we knew what it was since it felt exactly like the earthquake last June! This crazy world in which we live . . . .

  4. Zan says:

    Shake it like a polaroid … oh, wait, no. Sorry.

    I didn’t feel a darn thing.

  5. Amanda says:

    Wow Rachel. I hope you are fine. (Think you are). Anyway, I just passed you the “versatile blogger” award. You can check it here:

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