auntie brigade pride

My resolve at keeping this a moms-only birthday blog is seriously crumbling. But how could I resist wishing this sweet thing a happy day on her First Birthday? Clearly I can’t.

four hours old! such a tiny little burrito

winning at cute, about 10 months old

Happy Birthday Baby Niece! I hope you get to stick your whole face in a cake today.

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3 Responses to auntie brigade pride

  1. Jo says:

    AWWW. Yay Auntie Brigade!

  2. Lynn says:

    OMG!!! That’s in Weld where my family has a cottage on Webb Lake!! My sister and Mom did the Brook Trail and camped on Tumbledown every summer growing up. Maine is SOOO beautiful ( :

  3. Lynn says:

    I meant to put that last comment on your hiking post obviously…Oops.

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