documentary fail

I was so in love with Zan’s little video she made of her road trip with Cowboy and the dogs, I thought YES. I will do that for my trip to Maine! I didn’t have any grand plans for putting together a sweet video like hers, but I really wanted to document the crap out of the road trip – partly so I could blog about it hello! but also so I could share some of the experience with Zach, since he had to miss it.

Then I actually got on the road, and realized as cute and smart as Brady is, he’s not much for holding a camera. And surprise! Driving and filming, not so easy (or safe! I know Mom, I know!).

I took a few pictures along the way, and THEN I got to Maine and realized I hadn’t packed my camera charger, so of course it abruptly died. I had my phone, which is great with the fun apps and all (and there are more pictures of the rest of the trip coming soon), but not so easy to do the self portrait thang. So there aren’t nearly as many pics with ME in them as I had envisioned. And yeah WAY FEWER pictures of Maddie and Juno than I meant to take. Still sore over forgetting to take a self portrait pic with Maddie, my camera was still alive at that point, I totally could have.

So yeah Juno. Hahaaa. I stopped in Connecticut around lunch time, picked Maddie up at her office, and we went back to her house to hang out for a bit.

Maddie: Juno, meet Brady!

Juno: (sniff sniff) oh hell no. GOBBLE GOBBLE

Brady: yo where are we–  HOLY SH*T WHAT THE–!! HALP I’m gonna get eaten by this crazy monsterrr!!

hahahah. Not quite how we expected it to go. This all actually happened quite quickly and then Juno got a sniff of Brady’s butt and seemed fine and wanted to be friends.

Brady sort of warmed up to her by the end of our hanging out but was still pretty happy to get out of there when we left. I blame him for making me leave without more photos (I also blame him for my accidentally putting one of his treats in my mouth, not suuure how that was actually his fault though). For the record, Juno is just as sweet and amazing as she looks in pictures – she just might have to smell your butt first. ;) And Maddie doesn’t even have to smell your butt before she’ll be really nice to you. Bonus.

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2 Responses to documentary fail

  1. Jo says:

    Bahaha! You’re the cutest.

  2. Maddie says:

    This made my day. :)

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