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I really wanted that coffee.

dear 4H bus: next time you plan to fly by my stop without, you know, STOPPING, please let me know in advance. if I’d known you were going to keep going and make me wait 15 minutes for the next … Continue reading

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100. push-ups. challenge.

I’ve been hearing about this challenge from multiple sources lately, thought it was about time to give it a go. And my friend Amber is doing it with me! Bonus. If you complete the challenge and do the 100, you … Continue reading

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recipe: thai-inspired coconut mushroom soup

I was exploring a different Safeway from my usual one the other day several weeks ago, and found out that Some stores have a recipe rack in the produce section. Is this a thing? Do lots of grocery stores have … Continue reading

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aaaand nevermind

So! My father-in-law is a genius. The virus had just hidden all our files, and changed the filenames so we couldn’t find them. But he worked some kind of magic and now it’s all fixed. Well Zach is still working … Continue reading

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PSA: back up your photos, kids

..and your whole computer actually. often. We got a virus yesterday, wiped our documents and photos. Thank goodness we didn’t lose the music!! Last time we had done a back-up to DVD was around Christmas.. some of my photos are … Continue reading

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summer, stay a while

I think I have the same question many are asking this morning this afternoon, which is.. HOW is it JULY already..?? This is bonkers to me. Time flies by too fast. I am enjoying summer right now because the past … Continue reading

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