So I had a post pretty much ready to go and then realized I didn’t have access to any of the photos I wanted to put in it. So. An aside.

Last night Zach and I did something wild and crazy: went out for a fancypants dinner at 9pm on a Thursday (at Willow if you’re curious). I had been away for almost a week, got back late, the next night he had class till late. And tonight I’m off for another little adventure weekend without him.

We needed some us time, we had a groupon that was about to expire (at a place that was way booked by the time we thought to make a reservation, hence ridiculous meal time), we went for it.

Over a glass of wine and food that was delicious if not worth the price, we got to just be together, a nice calm breath of air amidst our swirling whirlwind life right now. It wassss pretty awesome.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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6 Responses to interlude

  1. andee says:

    “we got to just be together, a nice calm breath of air admidst our swirling whirlwind life right now”…..amen. I need a calm in the swirling whirlwind of life.

  2. Helen says:

    Groupon is pretty awesome. They JUST started one here where we live. Previously, I just sighed over everyone else’s awesome half price fancy-pants food. Now I get some too!

  3. Nina says:

    Oh that sounds so lovely – I need some of that calm air. Hope you have a good weekend adventure!

  4. Amanda says:

    Us time is the best. Have fun in your new adventure :p

    • Bunny says:

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  5. lizzie says:

    we had a similar weekend and i think going out for an exceptionally nice time some weekends is always money well spent, yeah?

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