If it wasn’t obvious already, I am very much in the category of people who elevate the Writing of to-do lists over actually checking things off. I mean I love checking things off hello. But faced with a list of things to do, my most favorite thing to do instead of any of those items, is make a new list.

par exemple (it is Bastille Day ok). Yesterday on my way to work, I wrote out a little to-do list for what I wanted to accomplish, with a few work related items and a few home-related items (finish x and y projects, call Comcast and tell them I’m not their bitch, call vet for annual rabies shot appt, etc.), and then on my way home from work I went through it to see what I had done. I checked one thing off and realized I had spent most of the day thinking of what I wanted to include on my new Day Zero Project list.

Which brings me to my confession that I have abandoned my original 101 Things in 1001 Days list and have started a new one. I have moved most of my unchecked items over to my new list, but there were so many that I couldn’t see myself completing and it was a bit depressing. I had already checked off 40% of the items, so go me. But things like visiting a friend in a place he doesn’t live anymore, and running races that are long since sold out, were just impossible to check off. And then I had some ridiculously vague ones, and then some I had zero interest in completing anymore.

Yes I could have just edited all my bad goals into better goals. But I preferred to start a new one because it feels more hopeful to start fresh sometimes.

I’m still working on filling in all 101 goals, it’s harder this time! I hope to finish the list this weekend, so my deadline is end of April 2014. That seems so far away. Any ideas/requests for my list?

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16 Responses to Listing

  1. Meghan says:

    LIsts can be a bit of the devil. They either make you feel quite accomplished or quite the slacker. However, the picture above is quite lovely.

  2. Sarah says:

    I love your Day Zero list. It’s is ok if I want to do half of it with you?

  3. Sharon says:

    I APPROVE that “Visit San Francisco” is on your list! When you come, we can go give blood together! (It’s something I love doing but always have to put on my 101 lists in order to remember to go)

    • Kyla says:

      Can I come? I haven’t tried in many years. In high school and college they kept rejecting it because of not enough iron, so I’ve actually never given blood! :( And even though I’m kind of afraid of even the finger stab they do to test whether they can take it (it hurt a lot!), I’d really like to try again.

      • d-day says:

        yesss of course! since I have no plans to visit in the very near future, I’m sure you’ll be there and all settled in and ready to give blood by the time I arrive! woop!

  4. Kyla says:

    It’s possible, though difficult, to get a passport stamp when you go to Canada! I’d never had one, despite having been there some 15-20 times (I’m from the Detroit area, just an hour away from Windsor including the time it takes to go through the tunnel), but when I took Joan they made us pull over into the special extra-time section and go inside an office (they usually just wave Americans through the car checkpoint). Inside the office, I asked the officer if she’d stamp mine too, and she said that they usually don’t do it for Americans and rolled her eyes… and then stamped it. Yay!

    • d-day says:

      ha that’s awesome. yeah I get really mad when I don’t get a stamp. i think they even skipped the stamp in London when I went through a few years ago, angerrrr.

  5. Michelle says:

    Oh, man, I am totally putting “Make a Day Zero list” on (one of my many) to-do lists! Also if you want company for the following activities, let me knooooowwwww: DC Carnival, Rocky Horror at E St, Old Rag, H Street, bread-making.

  6. Lana says:

    I love lists, and would procrastinate the day away making lists about what I should be doing! I did 101 in 1001 too, its work in progress, I haven’t quite got 101 yet, but I’ll get there!

  7. Kaleigh says:

    I thought I’d have to read a book for a dicsovery like this!

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