my lovely students (kapow!)

So, as I mentioned, I’ve started pseudo*-instructing a kickboxing class for Jenn and her fiance Brandon (his name’s been outed on the internets right?).

Due to a little scheduling snafu, our first week of classes ended up being Weds/Thurs instead of Tues/Thurs. Oh right and did I mention I’m also taking a kickboxing class myself twice a week, at SIX A.M..? well let’s just say there have been way too many showers happening up in this place lately. NOT LIKE. Also, I’m constantly thirsty. But anyway.

To warm up, we run from my apartment along a trail for about 3 minutes, to a little community park with some stationary exercise props (bars for pull-ups, places for sit-ups and push-ups and some agility training thingies). Warm-up some more, do some stretching, punching and kicking practice, some work with gloves and pads, some jump-roping, and then we all work on our 100 push-ups challenge, except instead of resting for 60 seconds between push-ups, I make them do sit-ups. :) Oh and don’t forget this whole time it’s about 90 degrees outside.

Notice I said I make THEM do sit-ups. Because yeah, most of the above I’m just calling it out for them and not really doing the whole workout (see: 6am class, thirsty, 90 degrees).

Wednesday I had to bring Brady along (part of said scheduling snafu), and aside from trying to EAT my water bottle, he did surprisingly well, and seemed mostly content to lay around nibbling grass and sticks and chasing bugs for an hour.

He was distraction enough that, on top of its being my first ever attempt at leading a class, it was not the most smoothly run workout in the history of workouts. Thursday I think it went a bit better, managed to break out the jump ropes and other things I hadn’t got to the day before.

Two things kind of stink: the humidity and THE BUGS. Short of renting out a rec room, I don’t know how we’ll overcome these issues all summer, but maybe switching up the location would help (or maybe I’m just dreaming that there might be a less buggy location outside). If only the basement of my apartment building was more like a group workout room at a gym and less like a dank and spidery dungeon..

BUT. Look how awesome my students are. RAAHH!

*I feel like I have to qualify it as pseudo because I’m not really certified or even trained to teach at all, so umm.. I don’t want to get sued. :)

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4 Responses to my lovely students (kapow!)

  1. Jenn says:

    bahahahahaha those pictures say it all. In that I am crazy/scary/redface. All true, most of the time.

    Yup Brandon has been mentioned out there on the internets, so no worries (apparently I don’t believe in protecting my anonymity much…). When did you take these photos though?? I didn’t notice.

    Also, Sensei KAPOW, I am very sore today. Your work is done for the week, for sure. I don’t know how you’re going to do it though, doubling up on classes like this….

    • ddayporter says:

      aww yay! you’re sore! hahaha sorry to express glee at your pain but I’m pretty happy it was an effective workout. :)

      hehe I was pretty stealth with my phone camera. I actually thought you knew I was taking pics, but no surprise you didn’t notice, you were so intense in your punching and kicking!! :)

      I think the Tues/Thurs schedule will be much easier, Weds/Thurs was tough for sure! it’s not too bad though, since I don’t do the full workout with you. I just need to hydrate better during the day (and so do you!!).

  2. andee says:

    Looks like you guys are having so much fun! Jealous!

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