summer, stay a while

I think I have the same question many are asking this morning this afternoon, which is.. HOW is it JULY already..?? This is bonkers to me. Time flies by too fast. I am enjoying summer right now because the past two days have been gloriously low in humidity. Tomorrow the humidity is supposed to be back in full force so I may not be so high on summer by Monday.

Weather aside, I’ve got some goals this month.

#1 Start the 100 Pushups Challenge (note i don’t say “complete the challenge” because I’m not sure I could actually complete it. but I suuure would love to see that badge on my blog. So I’m going to give it a go)

#2 Not fail miserably at being Jenn‘s kickboxing pseudo-instructor. The scheduling for this session didn’t work out for her, so I offered to lead a class for her and her fiance. Since becoming a kickboxing instructor is on my list of maybe-somedays, I am super excited for this opportunity, but also a bit skeered because I don’t want it to suck.

#3 Meet as many cool APW ladies as I can on my drive north to Maine later this month.

#4 See if my dog will dip a toe in a lake.

#5 Eat some lobster!

And now, by request, Brady:

There are.. so many more where these came from.

Happy weekend everyone.

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2 Responses to summer, stay a while

  1. Jenn says:

    Kickboxing is going to be awesome!! Seriously I can’t wait to punch brandon :)

  2. Zan says:

    Maine! That’s north! We’re north! Come visit, the farm!

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