perfect day? pretty darn close

you can go ahead and imagine this came out on Monday, or even Tuesday. I’m slow. :)

After reading my description of my “perfect day” in Alyssa’s interview, we kinda wanted to, umm, live it out, this past Sunday. Didn’t make it to the farmer’s market or slow-dance to the Temper Trap, but still turned out to be a pretty perfect day. At the end of it I did a push-up! One push-up, a personal best. Go me.

I just realized these pictures are actually in the wrong order, we went to Sâuça and THEN to TR Island.. we also went to DSW, which, maybe not as cool as the farmer’s market, but almost as interactive..

Brady did not see any raccoons on the island, but he did get freaked out by.. the water.. How did we end up with the only dog on the planet who’s afraid of water? Boy hates sprinklers and kiddie pools and the river.. I’m going to try to get him into it, not going to force him–! But I really think he would enjoy the water if he got used to it. Right? How does one go about easing a dog into water play?

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10 Responses to perfect day? pretty darn close

  1. kindofamess says:

    YAY for perfect days! And it’s good that it wasn’t your PERFECT perfect day, then you’d top out and have nothing else to strive for…

    Maggie hates water too. She hates everything, actually, but is NOT a fan of water. Even dew on the grass irritates her…

  2. Kerry says:

    Oh man do I love your pup. More pictures, please.

    I think dogs are either water-friendly or not from the get-go. I’ve never had success at training them to prefer it. My dog LOVES water where she can feel the bottom – big puddles, the beach, the top step of the pool – but refuses to swim. We’ve given up trying.

  3. Jenn says:

    yay happy weekend! the beauty of you posting this on a Thursday is now its close to the coming weekend, so everyone can be inspired. also yes, more photos of Brady please.

  4. meghan says:

    Early on I had to go out into a pond and trick my dog to come to me. It was a little ridiculous. But now, now she loves water and swimming. But not waves, they terrify her. As do plastic, life-sized buffalo.

  5. d-day says:

    thanks all! I guess we’ll see if he can be coaxed into the shallows of some lake with me.. if not, well, that’s ok. he can chew a stick while I frolic.

  6. Ceej says:

    Just throw him in. Or you go in and look like you’re having fun. Maybe he’ll want to join. My family’s dogs hate water, too. Unless it’s frozen, in which case it is the BEST THING EVER. Unfrozen warrants barking and ONLY BARKING NO CONTACT.

  7. Nina says:

    Awww what a cutie. All of you. Yeah I wonder about how water-friendly your dog would get – I had two dogs before that really were not into water and that never changed much, though one did occasionally step into very shallow water to cool off. That’s about it.

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  9. Forever says:

    “By the way, Norman Finkelstein disagreed with Hitchens’ claim that the movie was an.mcSeiiti-t” I think that Finkelstein was right. I can see why Jews might not like it, but that is not, in my mind, mean it is antisemitic. It was a very Catholic film, though. It was a two-hours-long Stations of the Cross.

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