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time for some lub

I think it’s about time you met a special little group of my girlz. They need to be introduced this week, because last Friday they surprised me with an early birthday present, which I have been goin carazay with ever … Continue reading

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could i pull off gingham?

I don’t know, I kind of doubt it. but something about this dress is calling my name. Maybe with a white cardie? Cute, or am I just channeling my 7th grade stint as Dorothy?

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sugar cookies must die

What the crap is with sugar cookies. How come nobody told me they are the stupidest cookies ever and I shouldn’t ever try to make them? OR, why am I a moron who can’t figure them out. For Mother’s Day … Continue reading

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meghan KAPOW!

I have really neglected my duty of establishing a Blog Roll. Which is pretty silly because one of my favorite things to do is read my billion blogs that fill up my Reader. I wish there was a way to … Continue reading

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kapow? no kapow.

Today, when confronted with free bagels, free chipotle AND free dunkin donuts, I partook (word?) of all three. Because Thursdays I have kickboxing, I eat what I want!! I probably burn at least 800 calories in that class, so, it’s … Continue reading

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poor ms. boudreau

I was going to write a post raging against the tampa bay lightning, but now I’m watching the post game press conference with Bruce Boudreau (whom I affectionately refer to as Babyhead, because come on, he totally looks like a … Continue reading

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