my epic bike commuting adventure

I guess it’s obvious by now that I survived my bike commute last Thursday. It was dead hot, and the hills of Arlington nearly killed me, but I did survive. Here’s proof!

tiny bit overconfident..

crappy cell pic from the trail, not dying from the heat yet

don't tell my mom I was taking pictures while going 16 mph on a bike..

After seven miles of mostly easy downhill trail riding, I got to carry my bike up this set of stairs, walk it across a footbridge over the canal, and then up to street level at Georgetown (eventually I might be able to ride it up to street level from the bridge, but it’s a bit steep, this time I had to walk it)..

hello and goodbye georgetown

And then battle some pedestrians across the Key Bridge..

Once across the bridge (finally in Virginia!), I begin the 3-4 mile battle with Arlington hills. I didn’t really get any proper pictures this time, here’s one mid-hill in Rosslyn. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, doesn’t show the full deadliness Rosslyn has to offer.

Of course these dudes had to show off by coming to a full stop at an incline, and then easily getting to full speed right away (oh yes and how fun, I’m so beat from NOT making it all the way up the hill that I can’t even hold the camera steady, hence blurriness)..

There’s another wicked hill in Courthouse, but it’s easier to get momentum leading up to it so I actually made it all the way up that one without having to stop and walk. After that it’s pretty fun, there’s bike lanes, nobody’s gotten mean with me on the road yet. For the last quarter mile or so I get to ride on a usually quiet paved trail through my neighborhood, best part of the trip. Mostly because I’m almost bloody home and I can practically taste the air conditioning waiting for me. Not that you can tell how much fun I just had, from this picture I took upon finally getting to my apartment..

I sincerely hope last Thursday isn’t the only time this summer I bike to or from work. I have high hopes for making it out on the bike at least once this week (except NOT Thursday, ever again. Biking an hour and then going to kickboxing for an hour is a really.bad.idea).

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9 Responses to my epic bike commuting adventure

  1. lizzie says:

    you did an AWESOME job. good work, lady! geez, must’ve felt great!

  2. Jo says:


  3. Caitlin says:

    I second the above comments! And also want to thank you for the excellent photo-journal of this journey– stellar work all around!

  4. d-day says:

    thaanks all! :) I biked to work yesterday and it was gorgeous and cool and a lot easier. biking home tonight! the adventure continues–!

  5. Zan says:

    This post makes me love you so hard.

  6. LBJ says:

    I don’t know how long your commute is – what really helped me get into bike commuting was actually getting a Montague folding bike. With my folding bike, I have more options if I’m tired or it’s really hot (or there’s a freak thundershower and I have no rain gear) – sometimes I drive the first part of my commute and ride the last few miles in (parking a little ways out is cheaper than parking downtown anyway), and if I want, and I can take public transit too (although honestly, I can rarely stand to wait, and would just as soon ride my bike).

    • Rose says:

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