would you think I was totally bonkers…

..if I showed up to your summer wedding or garden party* wearing something like this?

(image via missfarfalla's etsy shop)

I think the pink is maybe a bit too bright for my complexion.. Maybe it’s a bit costumey?

Maybe I will get it and wear it to my 30th birthday party (couple years from now–!), and nobody can tell me I wore the wrong thing. Especially if I decide this party is 60s themed.

*because I totally attend garden parties all the time…… no I don’t. but somebody should throw one!

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4 Responses to would you think I was totally bonkers…

  1. Kerry says:

    Um, I want to HAVE a garden party, just so you can wear that dress. But we’ll have to crash someone else’s garden because I don’t have one.

  2. Jo says:

    I would have the BIGGEST crush on you if you showed up at my garden party wearing that.

    I think I will make a garden just so you and Kerry can come to the party. How about for the 30th? :) There will be loads of hanging paper lanterns and croquet and themed cocktails.

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