it didn’t rain

Friday was Bike to Work Day and we all survived! It didn’t rain. The coffee people were only 30 minutes late arriving (at least they showed up this year). We had record attendance and my new plan for the registration area pretty much worked out. I only took a few pictures on my own camera because we had hired a photographer, and for some reason I thought he would be offended if he saw me snapping photos. I’m probably crazy.

And then I got to eat a spinach crepe at Original Pancake House, zone out at work for a few hours, and then go home early to take an epic nap with my dog.

And then it was time for zp to come home so we sat outside waiting for his bus to arrive.

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4 Responses to it didn’t rain

  1. Jo says:

    I want bike to work day here! Silly semi-rural area!

  2. Zan says:

    Of COURSE the massage guy is in front of the Equinox table. If I had enough money to belong to an Equinox I’d go there all the time just to get massages. I might even exercise too while I was there! Oh fancy gyms …

    Hooray for biking to work! The subway being so convenient means I hardly ever bike anymore, which is a crying shame.

    • d-day says:

      seriously. they gave me a tour of the place when I went to talk to them about sponsoring the pit stop, it’s pretty amazing. steam room! saline pool! chilled eucalyptus scented towels to wipe your face and neck after a workout! buuut yeah, $150/month or whatever their fee is, not bladdy likely.

  3. lizzie says:

    awww! looks like a fun day! epic naps are THE BEST.

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