could i pull off gingham?

image via allen company inc

I don’t know, I kind of doubt it. but something about this dress is calling my name. Maybe with a white cardie? Cute, or am I just channeling my 7th grade stint as Dorothy?

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13 Responses to could i pull off gingham?

  1. mfitztudio says:

    Oh, I definitely think you could pull it off! Love the white cardigan idea, too. Vury cute.

  2. cransell says:

    You could definitely pull on gingham. Especially with a cardigan. Gingham is awesome!

    • Doc says:

      Alternativlos? Na, damit kann ich ja mal so gar nichts anfangen. Wutbürger fänd ich da auch passender als Unwort des Jahw.s..eobrohl ich das auch erst gegen Ende des Jahres zum ersten Mal gehört habe…

    • I tried taking a look at your website in my blackberry and the format does not seem to be correct. Might want to check it out on WAP as well as it seems most cell phone layouts are not working with your website.

  3. Ceej says:

    I’m normally in favor of fashion risks, but I’m feeling very meh about this. Can you ease in with a gingham headband? Or belt? Or OOH a gingham slip peeking out from underneath a solid-colored skirt? I kind of love that idea…

  4. KA says:

    I’m torn. On one hand, it’s tablecloth gingham, and that’s tough. On the other hand, how bad-ass would it be to pull off tablecloth gingham…

  5. Zan says:

    If I wore this I’d look like a five year old. I know you’re not me but I think it’s hard to pull this look off without it seeming like you want to be a five year old. I think it’s the ruffle that kills it. I agree with Ceej about picking a gingham thing to go with other things that are not gingham.

    Dear lord, what a sentence. I need coffee.

  6. Michelle says:

    I think gingham print in a fun/sexy cut could be awesome – like a slightly risque neckline (with a tank top underneath for work appropriateness) or a short flirty skirt or a fitted pencil skirt . . . I know that’s not really the point of gingham but it might adult-ify it a little bit?

  7. Michelle says:

    Soo, I just stumbled across this gingham dress while stalking these earrings on shopbop. Both are absurdly expensive, but here’s hoping cheaper (yet equally cute) versions are out there somewhere!

  8. Jo says:

    I have a crush on gingham accessories, but that’s because I’m a pansy.

    I think that you could totally pull it off, but with some pretty hardcore accessories. As in leather jacket and ripped fishnets. :)

  9. Wilma says:

    Sean,Wishing you the all best in the next phase of this journey. Thank you for your inspiration, intelligence, and warm collegiality. What an honor to be a member of this tribe with you!yours in abundant living, mindful giving, & generous proaierpty,Disna

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