[no camera] + [blog] = DOES NOT COMPUTE

an Irish goat in 2007. because why not.

I guess I could be posting about my latest etsy obsessions (because I can’t Believe I forgot to whine about this shop in my weddingy shoulda-coulda post), or painting you guys goofy pictures, since I have no camera right now.

But for some reason all I freaking want to do is write up recipe posts and I simply refuse to do that without being able to include pictures of the process.

A look inside my brain:

Me1: Oooh love this [awesome thing I found on the internet]. I should post about it on my blog.
Me2: but. but. pizza dough. we have to tell them how to make pizza dough.
Me3: mmmm pizzaaaa
Me1: no camera!
Me2: [holds hands up in a “what do you want me to do about it?” gesture]

So. That’s what’s going on around here. It’s actually been ok because I’ve been using my film cameras more, but, that requires that I actually get film developed. Which. Some of this film needs to be sent in the mail to the one guy in the world who still processes 110. The good news is, I’ve put off getting it developed so long that when I finally DO, seeing the pictures will be like Christmas. Or maybe like a birthday present to myself. OOOH. Doing that now (yes I did pledge to do this months ago but for real this time).

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12 Responses to [no camera] + [blog] = DOES NOT COMPUTE

  1. meghan says:

    I have a lot of circular logic/dis-logic in my life. When I get my new camera, I can send you my old digital if you like… it takes OK pictures. Seriously, email me if you want it. I should be ordering it in the next few weeks.

  2. Jo says:

    Haha, mine goes: hey, I could blog about this cool thing, or journal about this drama, but my Minecraft *neeeeeds* to be played. Guess I’ll go take care of that. Seriously, my dog could die!

    See, logic.

  3. lizzie says:

    i use my film cameras as much or more than my digital camera but the rolls of film taunt me from the counter…ha…and i always have like…3 pictures left to develop them and i can’t find anything work taking a photo of. blegh.

    i can’t wait for your recipes!

  4. ka says:

    irish goat… now i want to go to ireland….

    that’s what goes on in my brain.

  5. Caitlin says:

    why not, indeed? an irish goat picture makes me quite happy on a rainy Friday.

    it’s like the post you wrote earlier– in bloggyland, it sometimes feels like if it wasn’t photo-journaled, it wasn’t done. that’s how i feel when i forget to bring my camera out and take document my life. :)

  6. sarah says:

    Oh, why oh why did you have to post the link to that etsy shoe shop??? I’ve just declared a spending moratorium but, but, keyhole flats? Equinox flats? Redefined mary janes? want, want, want. waahh.

  7. Marnie Tao says:

    Can’t you fill the void with more Paint humor?! Or you could ILLUSTRATE the recipes :)

    • d-day says:

      haha you know I thought about illustrating recipes.. and then I sat down and said Oh heck no. I’m sure I’ll get back into posting again soon, just in a bit of a slump.

  8. Kerry says:

    This picture just made me night. And yes, that is a typo in the previous sentence but I blatantly left it there because it sounds Irish. Or Scottish. (Or pirate?).

    Yikes. I’m so not allowed to comment on blogs after two glasses of wine. I like this post.

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