things I want.

this 3-foot-tall martini-shaped ice bucket (because, obviously)

a mini-trampoline.

the kind of vacation where you just drive around and eat a bunch of pork sandwiches.

dis lady‘s amazing dog. what! she’d get along with Brady just fine…! she played with this pug and didn’t eat him even a little bit..

somebody to magically fix my camera, and by my camera I mean zach’s camera, which he got for his BIRTHday and which I destroyed by accident, so maybe I can have photos on my blog again (and you know, so zach’s camera isn’t broken anymore). hmm.

somebody to wear these shoes (if they can be called shoes) so I can get down on the floor and lose my mind staring at them..

and speaking of shoes, I want deez. as long as they come with something to wear with them, because nothing I own could possibly be cute enough. which leads me to also wanting:

my entire wardrobe to be made up of modcloth dresses.

is all this too much to ask? I don’t think so.

OH one more thing: to not die on my verryy hilly 10K this weekend.

k thx.

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8 Responses to things I want.

  1. Nina says:

    shoe link #1: “Perfect for adding a little pizazz to dark skinnies and a deep-V top” A little pizazz?? I think these would count as a whole truckload.

    shoe link #2: so totally cute! Oh how I wish…

    And no, this doesn’t seem like too much to ask at all. Good luck on the 10k!

  2. lizzie says:

    that GIGANTIC martini is amazing. I would hope you would actually make a giant martini to go in the giant martini glass just one time…

  3. Jo says:

    YOU GO! Good luck w/ your 10K!

    A martini like that would kill me. We’d have to go something that at least TASTES like it’s not 95% alcohol. :D

  4. ka says:

    i have been wanting these foreeeever:

    modcloth is a danger zone.

  5. kahlia says:

    My grandfather had a mini-trampoline for as long as I can remember. He used it for jogging, the kids used it for playing… for hours and hours! We loved that thing! I think it’d be just as good now, for all kinds of reasons. I’ll have to convince Joan to let me get one when we get to SF!

  6. Margaret says:

    Man, if click over to modcloth, I have to hide my wallet first.

    Though I’ve yet to actually buy something from there (I pretend-buy stuff all the time, even put it in the virtual shopping basket ;-)). I’m always worried it’ll fit me weird, though – the (few) models are so tiny!

  7. Lynn says:

    Oh, you’ll kill that 10K!! I love your list esp. the pork sandwiches, the mini trampoline (though I’d want a regular one), and the second pair of shoes. Maybe I should do a foodish want list on my blog…

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