etsy love series: weddingy things

So I already told you guys about all my etsy wedding vendors. Today and possibly on a regular basis, I’m showing you some things I still lust after and really want someone else to buy.

the bridesmaid gifts.

“In Touch Clutch” image via Downstairs Designs

I don’t know why I love these things so much (from DownstairsDesigns). Maybe I am the only one obsessed with writing-related things? I am a compulsive journal buyer and I love stationery of all kinds.

the programs.

image via loriruedi

I actually made our programs (with help from moms and a bridesmaid), they were just little 2-sided bookmarks with ribbon tassles, and I loved them. But I saw these for sale at Paper & Thread, and thought really seriously about buying them (and then I thought about trying to make them myself, and then I woke up). I think they’d be awesome for an outdoor wedding..!

the cake topperrrrr.

image via bunnywithatoolbelt

I have pretty much not shut up about these cake toppers (from bunny with a toolbelt) since I discovered them like 2 years ago, but, I can’t help it. They’re amazing. Ten year anniversary bash, these babies are making an appearance.

the hair thingies.

image via whichgoose

There’s something so magical and woodland-fairy about these hair clips (from whichgoose). I just love them. I don’t like that the name makes me think of a song I don’t like, but, I’m willing to look past that.

the bridal clutch/purse thing.

image via oktak

I never did get around to having a “bridal clutch” but I sure shopped around for one a whole bunch, because, they’re so pretty! In the end all my stuff was just in a couple tote bags stashed away in the coat room. If I had bought this one (from oktak), I would have taken every opportunity to show anyone interested the sweet pattern on the inside. And of course “Look! A button!”

And finally, I just wanted to share my relief that I now have the perfect gift lined up for 10 years from now when my in-laws are celebrating their 50th.

no I did not find this on regretsy but it definitely belongs there.

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8 Responses to etsy love series: weddingy things

  1. Ceej says:

    Aaaaand I am completely obsessed with whichgoose. Holy bawlz. I’ve been in total dunno-ness about my bridal headpiece and OH MUH GUH I can’t stop hyperventillating and drooling over every. single. thing. in. that. store. You’re WELCOME, late ’80s/early ’90s woodland-bridal-dreamer-self.

    As an aside: ohhh man I was such a RennFestLoving little kid, but I beat it out of myself because it was just the lamest ever (per other children) and things like this remind me of how much I (still) want to be Guineverezomg…!! Minus the unhappy arranged marriage. Duh.

  2. Jo says:

    Those are beautiful things!

    We’re not having programs. Will that get us shot? Can guests even just sit and enjoy anymore or do they need to know what’s coming?

    • d-day says:

      hahah no you will not get shot. people will probably not even notice honestly. I just decided if I still felt like putting them together about 2 weeks from the wedding, I would do it. and I did. so I did. ha.

  3. tenthoubride says:

    oh okay. that toilet paper is redonk.
    i LOVE the hair thingys and the cake topper! fantastic picks, lady.

  4. lizzie says:

    also. i just went through the ENTIRE shop of bunny with a toolbelt…and i’m pretty sure…not only did i make her SHOP a favorite…but every individual item. yeah, i did dat.

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