year two, day one

One thing pretty much sums up the joyful day we had yesterday.

Goat cheese flan.

goat cheese flan with grilled asparagus, from the tabard inn. sadly this is the only photo I took of it!

I almost want to illustrate in Paint how much we loved that stuff. When I took a bite, my eyes flew wide with delight and I tried to savor the small bite of it as long as I could. Zach thought I was being dramatic and took a bite – and then HIS eyes flew open with the same reaction. We literally almost fell out of our chairs. I mean seriously.

But aside from the most amazing gastronomical experience of our lives to date, we really had a wonderful day yesterday. I tried to make heart shaped pancakes…….

I tried reducing the amount of oil in the recipe... turns out that's kind of important in keeping the things from sticking to the griddle and turning into great big disasters.

We had a nice walk with Brady down to the farmer’s market, where there were very few actual farmers but at least the pickle guy was there so not a totally wasted trip.

In the afternoon we met up with Zach’s parents for a celebratory lunch (as I’ve mentioned it was also their anniversary). Purple potatoes and delicious wine was had.

people like to ask me to pick out the wine for the table. I pretty much go for the best name 98% of the time.

And then for dinner we ate flan. and other delicious things, like squid ink fettuccine.

…and THEN.

That happened. 1 year later – still amazing!

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4 Responses to year two, day one

  1. Nina says:


    (sorry for the caps, but sometimes you gotta pull em out.)

  2. Caitlin says:

    yaaaayy! you two are adorable. happy day one, again :)

  3. Jo says:

    You’re crazy cute.

    And I love normal flan and goat cheese, so GOAT CHEESE FLAN?!

    I must try to make this. Soon.

  4. Meghan says:

    I want all of the delicious things that you mentioned IN MY BELLY now.
    And your facial expression with the cake is beyond adorable.

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