fun at the fair

I ran across this drawing I did a couple years ago.

zp and I went with my mom to the county fair. I’ve never been much for roller coasters because I have this thing where I stop breathing on them. I don’t know why! But while most people would be screaming, I just freeze up with my mouth open and go “eh — eh — ur” and slowly turn purple.

But I recently discovered I can usually handle the smaller scale rides at county fairs, so when we saw this one with the arms spinning at what looked like a reasonable and fun pace, I had to do it. My mom had absolutely no interest, but zp agreed to go with me. It was a kind of dreary day so there was absolutely nobody else on this ride except the two of us.

Turns out what looks like reasonable and fun when you’re standing on the ground looking at a ride, is actually REALLY FAST when you’re actually on it. I spent the next 3.5 minutes alternating between screams and laughter, except for a few moments frozen in my “eh — eh — ur” rictus during bursts of speed. Poor zp spent the entire time trying to protect his internal organs from being squished by me, since there were no seat belts or anything, and as hard as I tried to pull myself back to my side of the pod, the best I could do was keep from actually killing him.

Also turns out, when you spend 3.5 minutes uncontrollably screaming and laughing at a certain height, it’s likely you might lose a little drool out of your gaping mouth. and it might just land right on your mom’s head.

sorry Mom. <3

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5 Responses to fun at the fair

  1. mfitztudio says:

    Awesome illustrations! *Ahem* Perhaps a Little too much gray in Someone’s hair. :-/

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