le weekend

I’m pretty psyched my dog got a bit more famous today. :) :)

I’m also pretty psyched it’s March. Spring is practically-here (hello 28 degree mornings, let’s work on that), a friend just got engaged, my sisters AND a team practical friend are coming to visit (all at different times), st. patricks dayyy is cominggg, and umm yeah that whole anniversary thing (!). One year down, the rest is gravy, right? Hee.

This weekend, I’m vowing not to get food poisoning and lie in bed the whole time. How about that. Instead, I’m going to take an exam (the one I missed for puking last weekend), go to a BOOK CLUB MEETUP WHAT, hang out with my little family, go to a delicious brunch with my favorite people, maybe do a little shopping, maybe do a little running.. I think it’s going to be good.

Happy weekend everyone :)

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4 Responses to le weekend

  1. kindofamess says:

    I so love that picture of you guys and your puppy. It’s like, “SEE?? THIS is what marriage looks like!”

  2. Mary says:

    YAY March! YAY warm weather! YAY anniversaries (our 5-year dating anniversary is on the 28th)! And YAY me coming to visit! :D

  3. Jo says:

    I loved the puppy pic!

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