in sickness

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In case anyone was wondering, husbands are really nice to have around. They take that whole “in sickness” vow pretty seriously I guess (even though ok we didn’t do traditional vows and that line wasn’t actually said during our wedding, but, it was implied). This post is basically all about me, but he was the one emptying the trash can next to my bed, driving me to urgent care in the middle of the night, sitting around in the waiting room for 3 hours, driving me home, getting zero sleep before having to take the dog out in the morning, driving to the store to get me gatorade and kefir and a bunch of other things, etc etc etc. <3

After work on Friday, I met zp at a special happy hour for the volunteer program he recently got involved with (after school activities for little kids). So right off the bat, I feel a bit silly getting a free beer just for showing up with him, and feel sillier each time another person asks me where I volunteer and I have to say “I don’t… yet!?” while I nibble my free sandwich and drink my free beer (Bell’s Oarsman Ale, I recommend!).. Then on top of being a free-loader, I find myself in need of sitting down, like now. And then, hmm, maybe I should be sitting down.. on a toilet..Or maybe kneeling in front of it..

Hi, I’m Zach’s wife. I have a bathroom problem.

After like 3 trips to the bathroom we decided it was best for us to leave. At home, after a couple of hours of playing musical chairs between the bathroom and the couch and the bed, and I’m clearly showing signs of dehydration, Zach finally convinced me we should maybe call Urgent Care. They could get me in at midnight. 2+ hours on an IV drip (my first time!), sent me home with some pills in case the nausea came back, bing bang boom. They couldn’t tell me if it was a virus or food poisoning, and I guess it doesn’t matter.

Last time I had anything like this was in college. I basically slept in a bathroom stall and then dragged myself to the student health center at 8am, where they gave me a shot in my hip and made me drink water all day. And then as far as I remember, I felt right as rain when I got back to my dorm (except for a persistent limp for the next 6 months, because they hit a nerve with the shot).

This time it’s taken me 3 days to feel normal again – a different sickness, or am I just getting old? I could barely move all weekend, and ate almost nothing. We had plans on Saturday, darn it! Concert tickets, a visit with an adorable baby niece, and a birthday party! grump.

Having to go dairy-free for three days is just adding insult to injury, honestly. On the other hand, a breakfast of chopped bananas, rice krispies and kefir is actually really delicious. I might keep that one past this little episode.

And, umm, that was my weekend. How was yours?

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10 Responses to in sickness

  1. Jo says:

    OH DUDE. I hate being sick. Hugs!

    Bell’s is an awesome brewery.

    And you’ve already seen how my weekend was!! :)

  2. Caitlin says:

    Eww… zero fun. Glad you’re feeling better now!

    Kyle and I BOTH got sick like that over Christmas break, while visiting my family. We were the only ones who got sick, and we missed the Christmas party that I’d planned for my entire extended fam! I heard it was a hit, but still. Super grump.

    • d-day says:

      oh man, if the birthday party this weekend had been for me, or planned by me, I would have been even more pissed! and if zach had come down with it at the same time, we would have been completely hopeless. super grump indeed!

  3. Sarah says:

    Ugh. I get food poisoning much easier than other people, so this happens to me more often than I would care to admit. The only upside is being taken care of, which feels amazing.

  4. kahlia says:

    That sucks that you were so sick! Lucky you had your wonderful partner around to take care of you! And I’m glad you’ll all better now.

    Also, I’m from Michigan and went to school in Kalamazoo, so it just makes me so happy to see Bell’s mentioned elsewhere! yay!
    My roommate is from upper Michigan and now lives in Wisconsin, and any time she comes “downstate”, she finds some excuse to pass through K-zoo and stop by Bell’s. They have a restaurant/bar + beer garden with like everything on tap!

    • d-day says:

      note to self: add “Visit Kalamazoo, MI to life list.”

      • kahlia says:

        There’s not anything else worth seeing there besides Bell’s (which is awesome, obviously). Although you *can* get a bumper sticker that says, “Yes, Virginia, there really is a Kalamazoo”, and that might make it worth it! ;)

  5. Lauren says:

    Sweet jesus. And good looooooord in heaven. Those are my two responses to this. Why they are biblical in nature, I know not. But you are a TROOPER for going to the bathroom 3 times in public …. it would have taken one time and I would have been running for the hills. POINTS MADAME, POINTS.

    • d-day says:

      bahah! and I didn’t even mention how one of those times in the bathroom, all I did pretty much was sit there sweating and breathing heavily, in this tiny two-stall bathroom, while the whole time the other stall was occupied by Zach’s new friend/fellow volunteer, doing her thang. I thought I could avoid her but we ended up washing our hands at the same time. UGH. then later I had to wave as I was coming out of the bathroom AGAIN. I was like Zach you need to explain to that girl that I had FOOD POISONING OK. and then of course they had this week off from volunteering and he’ll just probably never explain. these are the things that keep me up at night. haha.

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