Kind of funny how last week I insisted that I still need this space. And then I quit talking immediately.

I think my week away threw off my rhythm, I’ve had nothing to say! Which is pretty weird in itself.

One thing I can tell you is, I had my first experience with Potato Valley Cafe (a link to yelp because they don’t appear to have their own site) and nearly died of happiness. A whole cafe devoted to putting deliciously unexpected things on top of a baked potato (like chicken curry with pineapple).  I mean holy crap. How is this not a national chain yet? I can’t just go to Annapolis every time I need one of these.


I really just wanted to come on and say Hiiii. You can look forward to some delicious recipes coming up, maybe some weirdo drawings I’ve done in Paint, and whatever else I feel like blabbing. For today, happy Wednesday. Have some pie.

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7 Responses to wahps!

  1. ElizMarWilli says:

    HALLO! Lynn was telling me about this place near the Archives one time, not the same chain, but similar concept! You don’t have to go to Annapolis! http://www.yelp.com/biz/hot-potato-cafe-washington

  2. Kerry says:

    Whew, I was wondering where you went! It’s true, writing is entirely momentum-based so you gotta keep chugging along or things dry up quickly.

    And that place sound amazing.

  3. Caitlin says:

    ummm… what? seriously? i’m going there. i LOVE potatoes. the closest thing we’ve got is Macallister’s (I’m too lazy to look up whether that’s the right spelling), with their pot roast potatoes and such. this place sounds way better.

  4. Jo says:

    Mmmm pie. And mmmm potatoes. One of my favorite things ever is this place in CT that has a baked potato pizza. It’s incredible.

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