je suis ici.

this picture has nothing to do with this post. but look at that face.

So. I’m back!

Last week was very strange for me. I think a week was too long and not long enough. I basically replaced my obsession with social media, with tracking my food intake like a maniac. which. partially a good thing because I’ve realized a few destructive things about the way I eat and (don’t always) exercise. BUT. in terms of multiplying my productivity at work by like a bajillion? not so much. However, I do think my time at home was maximized by staying off the interwebs.

I’ve still got some learning to do about balancing my real life with my relationships inside my computer (they’re IN. the comPUTER?? ..anybody getting this reference?), but I’m happy with my experiment. I learned that I can in fact live without social media, but also there’s not that much point in living without it. AND living without it doesn’t mean I make so much better use of my time.

There’s not much point in living without it. By that I mean, social media is not the enemy. It’s the way we live now, it’s the way we share information and the way we follow the news, and it’s the way we make connections with new people and maintain connections with people we’ve known forever. In the end I didn’t really feel like I was making all this ME time so much as I was cutting myself off somewhat needlessly from my relationships outside my apartment. This is probably a big DUH for many people but I needed to do this experiment to realize it for myself.

Having said all that, I totally cheated. I mean I logged into gmail wayyy more than once a day, although I did lay off the gabbing emails. I peeked at the emails from comments on my blog and facebook notifications. I even played brickbreaker once while I was waiting for the bus, but that’s because I realllyyyy needed something to take my mind off the fact that I was about to pee my pants (note to self: ALWAYS use the restroom before leaving any happy hour, regardless of whether you think you have to pee).

And I’m still trying to find that balance. I can’t make tweeting and blog commenting my full time job. Unless anyone wants to start paying me to comment on your blog? I would take that job, just fyi. If I lay off this stuff at work, that means catching up on the interwebs at home, and that means I’m spending my quality time with my husband and dog glued to the laptop. Nicht sehr guuuuut. Is the universe telling me to get a smartphone already? Or do I need to take a cruel axe to my Reader? Should I just quit this blog since I’m already blabbing all over the internet?? ..No. I don’t think so, even though I’m not doing anything groundbreaking here – the url does actually mean something to me. I need this space, at least for now. So I’ll be working on this whole balance thing (I am blogging at work but it’s on my lunch hour. that’s cool right??).

The rest of the week I’m going to try to get caught up with the world I missed. And to catch the world up on me, here’s a little of what YOU missed while I was out.

adventures in berry soup

Brady's first birthday

the makings of superbowl cassoulet (husband's specialty)

I'm being a creeper and trying to get an artsy shot through the window at the APW happy hour. In the end I accomplished "creeper" better than "artsy."

More stuff happened but there’s no photo evidence.

oh and psssst. happy valentines day. <3

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5 Responses to je suis ici.

  1. Jo says:

    Welcome back! Missed you! And there is a beautiful balance. I’ve gotten better at keeping my phone/reader off unless I have time to do it and prioritizing C (I usually blog all my posts in a few hours over the weekend, jotting notes to myself when I think of them during the week). It’s an outlet just like everything else!

    That berry soup looks delish.

  2. Caitlin says:

    you’ve definitely given me some food for thought… thanks. and thanks for the update– especially the creeper pic :) i AM jealous that you went to an APW happy hour!

    ps. that FACE! he’s adorable. happy 1st birthday, Brady!

  3. Meghan says:

    Welcome. Back.
    And I totally get your reference.

  4. Lauren says:

    I think I want to start a chant that says: MORE creeper! LESS artsy! MORE creeper! LESS artsy! :)

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