my life as a googlebot

furry puppet studio, via urban outfitters blog

Did you ever see The Puppet Masters? Where people get those creepy aliens hooked into the back of their necks?

Sometimes I feel like one of those people, and the creepy alien in my neck is Google, I just do what they want.

I really have an irrational hatred for mapquest, to the point where I ridicule my friends for using it (ok just the one friend, I swear she’s the only person on the planet still using it (HI SARA love you). I get really annoyed when I’m on a group email where all the recipients are not gmailers! And if anyone even suggests I use Bing to search for something… watch out.

Then when something’s wrong with Google or one of its products, something becomes wrong with me.

The other day the link to my Reader randomly disappeared from the upper left corner of my gmail. I felt like my left arm had been removed. It reappeared the next day so, crisis averted.

Today I literally felt anxiety brewing because gmail was telling me I had 1 new message in my inbox, but I kept refreshing and that email never appeared. I kept seeing | Inbox (1) | in my browser tabs and I started breathing a little faster! I’m only kind of exaggerating!

I’m breathing fine again, I mean don’t worry. I logged out and back in again and it’s back to normal. Thank bananas. But seriously.

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6 Responses to my life as a googlebot

  1. Jo says:


    Except the one thing i like Mapquest for is it’s built-in fuel calculator.

    (My Reader has disappeared and is now in my “More” section. Which I hate. I don’t use google docs, I just use Reader!)

    • d-day says:

      try yelling at gmail in an email to someone. apparently that works. hahah I don’t know really, but I actually said in an email to some friends “HEAR THAT GMAIL? I’M MAD AT YOU.” and told them to give me back my Reader link. literally the next day it was back. for some reason going to “More” was just too much for me to handle. ;)

  2. kahlia says:

    Dude, me too. Though every once in a while I get a little paranoid & wonder how I’d cope if all of my access to all Google products (especially the FOUR* email accounts) was suddenly cut off. I have planned an escape route, just in case… to my old Yahoo! email account (of all places). It’s not at all ideal–or even an acceptable substitute–, but it makes me feel better to know it’s there.

    *1 for work, since I’m a freelancer; 1 personal, obviously; 1 shared with the partner (used previously for wedding and now for immigration stuff); and 1 old personal account, used mostly for Groupons and the daily NYT & Slate news summaries, but also useful for re-directing those who have not yet switched to the new account.

    • d-day says:

      yep I have 4 also! haha. one from my old name, one set up for work, one for this blog and they all redirect to my current one with my new name.

      I figure if google is cut off for some reason, that’s gotta mean apocalypse. so, basically, I’ll have bigger problems than email access. ;)

  3. Jenn says:

    It makes me feel so much better to know that there is someone else out there who keeps their inbox empty of new messages, so you will always notice when you have new email! (1) for me is like crack, or something.

    I noticed my reader tab was gone too…must have been a glitch with the system. Google pretty much owns my life.

  4. Sara N says:

    Haha I don’t use mapquest anymore. I use mai GPS!

    That puppet is the shiz.

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